Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Shooting

While Nanny Bloomberg and the President once again try to make the horrible tragedy in Connecticut a gun control issue, even though the shooter could not have legally obtained a permit (too young) and Connecticut, as well as surrounding Mass, NY, NJ are all already very gun restrictive states, it pays to be reminded that craziness and evil cannot be stopped by outlawing guns. If any of the teachers at the school had a carry permit and were allowed to keep their guns on school premises the shooter may well have been stopped. The history of previous mass murders demonstrate clearly that the ones that turned out not to be mass tragedies were those stopped by some CCW holder nearby, a point well made by Glenn Reynolds after the Virginia Tech shootings:

People don't stop killers. People with guns do

And if you think that such tragedies couldn't happen if guns were unavailable, it pays to remember that the worse school massacre in US history was done with dynamite:

Bath School Disaster

And these recent incidents in China show that if the populace is unarmed, evil and deranged people can still kill.

Man Stabs 15 Students in China

Man stabs 29 kids at kindergarten in China

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