Thursday, December 1, 2022

Does the EU monitor all hate speech by the anti Christian, anti Jew and government propaganda

EU warns Elon Musk to strengthen Twitter safety controls 

5 hours ago

A top European Union official has told Elon Musk that Twitter must beef up measures to protect users from harmful content, including hate speech.

Just like our FBI did geofencing the Jan 6 disturbance

China fights lockdown protests by targeting smartphones

William Yang in Taipei
2 hours ago

Beijing's vast surveillance apparatus is being used to track and intimidate protesters. Several people told DW they suspect their phones were hackedVE

Authorities in cities across China are using sophisticated surveillance methods to dampenanti-lockdown demonstrations, according to lawyers and protesters.

Several sources told DW that police in large cities like Shanghai have been randomly checking people's phones on the street or on subways. Police have demanded people provide personal information and immediately remove apps like Telegram, Twitter or Instagram.

Others have said they were called by police and had their phones searched by authorities.

"Police warned me not to use Telegram and asked me to stop sharing information about the pandemic through the software," said one protester with the surname Lin, who declined to be identified by his full name due to security concerns.

"I wasn't stopped on the street. I suspect the police may have detected that I've been using Telegram. I received two separate calls from the police, warning me not to share anything about the pandemic or the protests. My father also received a threatening call from them," he told DW.

NYC subway violence

Now, which side is guilty of hate speech?

Charlie Kirk taunts furious far-left protesters waving signs against white supremacy as they storm Turning Point USA event at University of New Mexico - before riot police are called in

  • Far left protesters were met by riot police at the University of New Mexico Wednesday after they appeared at an event for TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk 
  • Kirk was holding a speaking engagement with the conservative organization's chapter at the school when protesters came out 
  • Some were yelling out: 'F--k Charlie Kirk!' and 'F**k Erica' in reference to the local chapter president, Erica Rodriguez 
  • Kirk tweeted out a video of the agitators in masks and waving signs against white supremacy 
  • The conservative influencer eventually posted a video, waving at the small group of protesters surrounded by police, in an attempt to mock them 

Obviously a ploy to help Democrats

Anti white racism abounds

A former municipal employee is taking the City of Seattle and its Democrat mayor to task for allegedly creating a "racially hostile work environment" and for advancing an identitarian ideology that openly discriminates on the basis of race.

Joshua Diemert, who worked as a program intake representative in the city's Human Services Department from 2013 to 2021, is not only seeking redress in the form of declaratory relief and $300,000 in lost earnings, but fighting to ensure that other workers are not similarly mistreated by the City of Seattle on account of their race.

Racialism alive and well in the Emerald City

Diemert filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington on Nov. 16 against both the City of Seattle and its Democrat mayor, Bruce Harrell.

Can you rehabilitate monsters


Trans grifter


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Worthy of a Monty Python sketch

Non-binary Biden official used ‘stolen’ suitcase for month after dumping woman’s clothes

Sam Brinton with Admiral Rachel Levine

A sick prison system

Warden accused of running ‘rape club’ at prison where Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman served time

More like the Chinese surveillance state every day.

FBI Dragnet for Google Data Pertaining to Jan. 6 Should Concern Us All

Arizona County Chair Reveals He Was Forced to Certify Katie Hobbs’ Election ‘Under Duress’

Arizona County Chair Reveals He Was Forced to Certify Katie Hobbs’ Election ‘Under Duress’

The power of pedophiles in the Democrat Party

The death of small farms in the Netherlands


The Netherlands stated that it would first offer one-time voluntary deals to large nitrogen-emitting farms in hopes of reducing pollution. However, if not enough farmers accept that initial offer, the Dutch government announced that it would move forward with "compulsory purchases."

According to the government plan, which hopes to target 2,000 to 3,000 farms, landowners will first be offered a deal "well over" the property's value.

Nitrogen Minister Christianne van der Wal told members of parliament on Friday, "There is no better offer coming." She added that if enough farmers do not take the "voluntary" offers, then with "pain in the heart," the government will move forward with compulsory purchases.

The Netherlands, the second-largest food exporter in the world, is aggressively pushing forward with the plan to comply with the EU's conservation rules. The agriculture industry is reportedly responsible for nearly half the nitrogen emitted in the country.

Dutch farmers have continued to stand their ground and protest over the extreme restrictions, fearing for their livelihoods and standing staunchly against the compulsory buyouts. Many farmers feel that the agricultural sector is unjustly targeted while other industries, such as aviation, are not.

LTO Nederland, the largest farmers' lobby organization, accused the government of enforcing "restrictions without perspective." The group noted that trust in the Dutch government "has been very low for a long time."

LTO chairman Sjaak van der Tak stated, "Of course it is positive that a good voluntary stop scheme is being promised. But the stayers who are central to us will have many additional restrictions imposed."

Another farmers' group, Agractie, stated that voluntary buyouts are welcomed by farmers but cannot be offered with the threat of compulsory purchases to follow.

According to a ruling by the Dutch Council of State in 2019, every new activity that emits nitrogen requires a permit, including farming. In the future, the government is considering taxing nitrogen emissions to encourage sustainability, the Dutch News reported. 

Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers' Research, told the Daily Caller News Foundation, "The Netherland's war on farmers to pursue their ESG agenda serves as a stark warning. Americans should be vigilant against efforts by both governments and big Wall Street firms like BlackRock pushing these same dangerous 'net zero' carbon emissions targets here in the U.S. It is difficult to overstate the recklessness of undermining farmers during the greatest global food crisis in decades. This will likely exacerbate the food price inflation we are already experiencing."

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Adam Schiff is a disgraced liar and should have no power

WATCH: Adam Schiff Blasts McCarthy, Says GOP Leader Only Wants Him off Intel Committee to Appease QAnon

Repeat offender

A Florida woman with a criminal history of violence against law enforcement hit two sheriff's deputies with a car Saturday near Lakeland as the deputies opened fire in self-defense.

What are the details?

Deputies from the Polk County sheriff's office responded to a suspicious person call from Max Pay Pawn Shop in the 600 block of North Combee Road in unincorporated Lakeland just before 1 p.m., authorities said.

The suspect — identified as 27-year old Carina Holder of Davenport — was attempting to use a stolen credit card, authorities said.

When the deputies arrived a few minutes later and tried to speak to Holder, she got into a BMW X5 and attempted to flee the scene, authorities said.

The people Biden people pick...

         Non-binary Biden nuclear official charged with felony theft for 'accidentally' stealing a woman's $2K suitcase from airport baggage claim     

Life in much terror has he committed.

         Thug who allegedly used crutch to beat 12-year-old boy on Brooklyn street has 23 prior arrests on his record — including one for attempted murder, sources say