Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another case of the perpetually offended. When ignorance trumps historical fact you get to see only what you want.

Neighborhood outraged over seemingly racist bar name

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — Dozens of Crown Heights residents demonstrated in front of the newest bar in their neighborhood because they say the name Crow Bar is racist.
"They don't care," Richard Hurley, community organizer, told PIX 11. "They always make fun of us as the cartoon crow characters."
"It's another word for the 'N' word," Vaughn Armour, a Crown Heights resident said. "Crow. They would keep the crows at the bottom of the hill."
But Crow Bar owner Dan Wilby says the name of his bar is not racist, but instead echoes the history of this neighborhood when it was called Crow Hill after the 19th century Crow Hill Penitentiary on Carroll Street.
The oral historian for the Brooklyn Historical Society, Zaheer Ali disagreed.
"It is around this time [the 1840s] that 'Jim Crow' emerged as a popular figure in racially offensive blackface minstrel songs... When it comes to the history of denigrating people of African descent the word 'crow' has never been 'just for the birds.'"
It was a racially mixed crowd instead Crow Bar, and even some imbibing think the name should be changed.
"It's a great bar, good food, inexpensive beer," Alex Poole, a Crow Bar customer told PIX11, "but if the name bothers some people in the neighborhood, they should change it."

Keith Lamont Scott's shooting: some details about him missing from the narrative being pushed.

Keith Scott, killed by Charlotte police, had troubled history in San Antonio

Updated 9:35 am, Saturday, September 24, 2016
Keith Lamont Scott, the man whose fatal shooting by Charlotte, North Carolina police this week sparked unrest in that city and protests nationwide, told a state district judge in Bexar County in 2005 that his family had “suffered from a tremendous amount of racism and hate crimes,” court documents say.
Scott made the statement in a motion that unsuccessfully argued for a reduction to his seven-year sentence for aggravated assault, a second-degree felony to which he had pleaded no contest under an agreement with prosecutors that reduced the charge stemming from the Sept. 17, 2002 incident from a first-degree felony.
In his sentencing, Scott told the judge he fired 10 shots at Anthony Trinidad, an acquaintance he said had threatened him and whom he feared was a thief, in self-defense. The available court records do not provide a full account of the shooting.
Video recorded by Keith Lamont Scott’s wife and provided by her attorney shows her repeatedly telling officers her husband is not armed and pleading with them not to shoot him. Warning: Graphic content. (Sept. 23)
Media: associatedpress
Scott also was charged with evading arrest two days after the shooting incident. He pleaded no contest to that charge on Feb 4, 2005 and was sentenced to 15 months in jail. He was convicted of aggravated assault on July 19, 2005.
Scott served most of his prison term and was released on April 1, 2011.
Scott, 43, was killed Tuesday. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said officers were attempting to serve another person with an outstanding warrant when Scott emerged from his car with a handgun and did not comply with commands.
Scott's family denied Scott owned or had a gun at the time. Family members were allowed to view videos taken from police dashboard and body cameras, but police have not released videos to the public as of Friday afternoon. The family's attorney told the Charlotte Observer they have “more questions than answers.”

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin's daughter is President of Mylan Labs and it is his efforts that helped raise the price of Epi Pens. Read the corruption he has initiated.

Manchin's perfect scam

Don't blame me. I voted for Raese. Twice. In 2010, and in 2012. I knew Democrat Joe Manchin could not be trusted and the EpiPen scandal proves me correct. He and his family just showed that when it comes to maximizing public power for personal use, they are at Level Clinton.

Manchin is the poster child for the corruption that goes hand-in-glove with the expansion of government.

As governor of West Virginia, Democrat Manchin maneuvered to have Michael Garrison, a family friend, appointed as president of West Virginia University, and also his wife appointed as president of the state school board, where she fired the state school superintendent, who was the wife of the Democratic state attorney general.

That was during the eight decades-plus control of the Statehouse by Democrats, which ended in 2014. Under Democrats, state government became 45,000 employees with twelve last names.

Both moves helped Manchin's daughter, Heather Manchin Bresch, rise to CEO of Mylan Laboratories. As CEO, Manchin's daughter did two things. She raised the price of EpiPens and she raised her salary sixfold to $19 million a year.

Garrison arranged for her to get a fake MBA from WVU. After the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette exposed this, Garrison resigned -- taking a bullet for the team.

This week, USA Today revealed that when Mama Manchin became president of the National Association of State Boards of Education in 2011, she used her position to push sales of EpiPens to schools. The argument was kids have allergies and every school should have an EpiPen just in case.

In December 2012, the association announced an "epinephrine policy initiative" designed to "help state boards of education as they develop student health policies regarding anaphylaxis and epinephrine auto-injector access and use," according to a press release that month. The resulting policy “discussion guide” listed key components that school policies and state legislation should have, including protection from legal liability for the school.
It was the first time the group had addressed food allergies as policy despite its own admission that it had been a growing issue since about 2000.
Previously, the association carefully avoided corporate influence, especially when its policy guidance was involved, says Brenda Welburn, the former longtime executive director. Companies would sponsor conference meals at the most, she said.
Manchin became president-elect of the education association in late 2010 and Welburn retired at the end of 2011. Welburn recalls Manchin stopping by her office saying her "daughter's company" could donate to the group. The following year, it did.  "It just looked so bad to me," Welburn said. "She (Manchin) becomes president and all of a sudden NASBE is saying EpiPens are a good thing for schools."
Banks? Willie Sutton would not go to a bank these days. He'd go to the government because that is where the real money is today. And he would not rob. He would sell EpiPens. Higher profit margin, zero risk of prison. War profiteering was never this lucrative.

Can there be a better scam? Who is going to be against saving lives -- of schoolchildren. So what if the schools must pony up hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase them? If it saves one life, right? That could be your child or grandchild.

And the money comes from the school budget. Look how supportive Democrats are of education. They increased spending on the schools. Never mind how many hundreds of millions of school spending went to buy EpiPens that will remain in the storeroom forever unused, by golly, school spending is up, up, up, and away! That's how we measure education: How much we spend in its name, not the actual results.

The House had a field day ripping Manchin's daughter. Manchin boo-hooed to CNN: "We can criticize and beat the living crap out of anyone we want to, and that was proven yesterday. But does that solve the problem? Do they really want to solve the problem?"

Does that apply to the Wells Fargo CEO as well?

Manchin wants it both ways. He wants the government to buy hundreds of thousands of what his daughter peddles, but does not want the government having any say on the price.

Anyway, the scam cannot be stopped. Softened. Maybe cut a few competitors in on the deal. 

But shouldn't a child with allergies this severe already be carrying an EpiPen?

I apologize for making sense.

Manchin is up in 2018. Hope Republicans rally behind a strong candidate. Congressman Evan Jenkins, perhaps.


Proof the administration doesn't care about the quality if education only the appearance of education. What are home schooled kids missing? Violence, poorly educated teachers, government control?

Home schooling ripped by Obama education chief

With nearly 2 million students and even a Virginia college dedicated to their higher education, parents and kids who homeschool ought to be getting some respect in Washington.
Instead, President Obama's education chief is expressing concerns that the growing practice is robbing children of educational and life experiences.
"I worry that in a lot of cases students who are homeschooled are not getting the kind of the breadth of instruction experience they would get in school, they're also not getting the opportunity to build relationships with peers unless their parents are very intentional about it," said Education Secretary John B. King Jr.
"And they're often not getting those relationships with teachers and mentors other than their parents. I do worry whether home school students are getting the range of opportunities we hope for for all kids," he said slamming the system.
Yet, that's not to say it's all bad, he added. "There are examples of families that are doing it incredibly well with great intention," said King, who noted that some of his home schooled college classmates "experienced tremendous economic success."
Despite his concerns, King said during a media breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor that there isn't much research on homeschooling to prove if it works or not "I've not seen research evidence around homeschooling," he said.
The Purcellville, Va., based Home School Legal Defense Associationexpressed concern about the secretary's comments.
"While Secretary King had some good things to say about homeschooling, I'm disappointed that his comments imply that public schoolers have a wider range of options in education, which is simply not true," said HSLDA co-founder and Chairman Michael Farris. "Homeschoolers are far outperforming their public schooled peers, largely due to the fact that parents know what works best for their child instead of implementing an outdated, one-size-fits-all approach that Secretary King appears to favor."
Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at

Vote fraud exposed in Colorado

Colorado voter fraud revealed: Slew of ballots cast by the dead spark investigation

US Heartbreaking video shows toddler attempting to wake her mother who allegedly passed out from drug use

Heartbreaking video shows toddler attempting to wake her mother who allegedly passed out from drug use

A disturbing video shows a little girl attempting to wake her mother after the woman had allegedly passed out from drug use.
Image source: WBZ-TV
Girl attempts to wake her mother who had passed out (Image source: WBZ-TV)
According to WBZ-TV, an unidentified woman passed out at a Family Dollar in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Sunday morning. Her 2-year-old daughter began to cry and attempted to revive her. 
A store clerk called 911 and paramedics administered Narcan, which is used to treat opiate overdoses.
“It’s very disturbing to see someone like this. It’s obvious addiction has overtaken them, to the point of not being able to care for their child,” Police Chief James Fitzpatrick told WBZ, adding that the woman will be charged with child endangerment.
“She’s lucky to be alive,” he added.
The cheif said that, though it’s troubling that an onlooker recorded the incident rather than calling for help, the video can help teach a lesson about the dangers of drug addiction. 
“People who are thinking about or dealing with addiction issues, think what it’s like to have this type of narcotic in your system and what it does to you,” Fitzpatrick said.
Police have not named the woman in the video but did say she a 36-year-old from Salem, New Hampshire. 

Self defense takes many forms. The liberal mindset will always sacrifice your life for their moral relativism.

USA Today temporarily suspends columnist over ‘run them down’ tweet in response to Charlotte riots

Reynolds suggested North Carolina drivers being blocked and surrounded by angry protesters on the street should “run them down.” The tweet got the Twitter user temporarily suspended by the social media network, which ultimately reinstated his account after he deleted the post.
Protestors block traffic on the I-85 (Interstate 85) during protests Sept. 20, 2016 in Charlotte, N.C. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)
Protestors block traffic on the I-85 (Interstate 85) during protests Sept. 20, 2016 in Charlotte, N.C. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)
But it wasn’t just Twitter upset by the comment. According to Politico, USA Today editorial page editor Bill Sternberg also took issue with the tweet, which he said “can be interpreted as an incitement to violence.”
Here is Sternberg’s full statement:
USA TODAY expects its columnists to provide thoughtful, reasoned contributions to the national conversation, on all platforms. Glenn Reynolds’ ‘Run them down’ tweet, in response to a news report about protesters in Charlotte stopping traffic and surrounding vehicles, was a violation of that standard and can be interpreted as an incitement to violence. Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee who writes twice a week for USA TODAY, has apologized. His column has been suspended for one month.
In a statement on USA Today’s website, Reynolds expressed regret for his controversial post, writing that he did not live up to his own personal “standards” or those of USA Today with the tweet.
“What I meant is that drivers who feel their lives are in danger from a violent mob should not stop their vehicles,” he wrote. “[M]y tweet should have said, ‘Keep driving,’ or ‘Don’t stop.’”
He went on to admit that he understands why his comment may have been misunderstood by some readers, adding that he has “always supported peaceful protests, speaking out against police militarization and excessive police violence” in his columns over the years.
However, on his own blog, Reynolds, a frequent Twitter user, expressed frustration over the platform’s decision to temporarily suspend his account.
“Can’t imagine why they’d do that, except that it seems to be happening to a lot of people for no obvious reason,” he wrote. “It’s as if, despite assurances to the contrary, Twitter is out to silence voices it disagrees with or something.”

Three men against one woman plus the great equalizer...squishy liberals look away.

Gun-toting woman rushes from bedroom, fires at terrified home invaders — and it’s all on surveillance video

Devious, deceptive, untruthful, do anything to remain in power: Obama and Hillary have brought full on third world politics to America.

Obama used pseudonym to talk with Hillary on private server

President Obama used an undisclosed pseudonym to communicate with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her private email server – shocking her top aide Huma Abedin when she learned of it.
“How is that not classified?” Abedin “exclaimed” to investigators when shown a copy of the 2012 exchange between Clinton and Obama, according to a trove of 189-pages of FBI documents dumped Friday night into Clinton’s use of the private server.
After learning that the president used email with a pseudonym — apparently to try to protect his identity — Abedin asked her interrogators if she could keep a copy of the email.
The FBI documents don’t reveal if they let Abedin take a copy home with her.
Although tens of thousands of Clinton’s emails have been made public since it was revealed she had exclusively used a private email server to conduct official work, emails with the president have been exempt from disclosure.
“This exchange strongly suggests Clinton and the president knowingly discussed classified material in an unclassified setting and hence broke the law,” Raj Shah, the research director at the Republican National Committee, told the Post.
But a rep for Clinton downplayed the documents significance.
“These materials further demonstrate why the Justice Department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case,” spokesman Brian Fallon said.
The documents also show IT workers for Platte River Networks — the external company that hosted Clinton’s server — referred in an internal work ticket to “the Hilary [sic] coverup [sic] operation” when their client asked for changes to email retention and archive/email cleanup. A worker later said the term was a joke.
The Trump campaign immediately seized on this, with senior communications advisor Jason Miller saying: “there was a concerted effort to systematically destroy potentially incriminating information.”
“It’s no wonder that at least five individuals tied to the email scandal, including Clinton’s top State Department aide and attorney Cheryl Mills, secured immunity deals from the Obama Justice Department to avoid prosecution,” Miller added, referring to news Friday of additional Clinton aides receiving protection from the FBI so they could speak to authorities.