Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It's no surprise we've known for years


sexual dysphoria is a mental disorder underpinning other issues


Charge this against the anti incarceration crowd.


An armed citizen makes a difference


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Flashback Trump

FLASHBACK: Trump Predicted The Left Would Eventually Go After Statues Of Thomas Jefferson (VIDEO)

The city of New York is about to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from their city hall.

You know who predicted this? Trump. Way back in 2017, when the left was working so hard to remove a Confederate statue, Trump knew exactly where this was headed next.

Do you trust the DOJ?

The DOJ has finally disgorged some exculpatory evidence about January 6

For a very long time, based on a few short snippets of random videos that people outside and inside of the Capitol shot on January 6, conservatives have been arguing that significant numbers of the people who entered the Capitol that day did so because the Capitol Police let them in. Their presence there wasn’t an insurrection or even an unauthorized trespass—they had a right to be there once the “guardians” of the Capitol opened the door. Now, the official video from the Capitol confirms that those snippets were accurate.

January 6 defendants and conservative media outlets have been demanding for ten months that the Department of Justice release the 14,000 hours of footage it has showing what happened at the Capitol on that day. An administration dedicated to truth and a prosecution abiding by the principle that the government must make exculpatory material available to the defense would have long ago complied with those requests.

But the Biden DOJ is made of sterner, and possibly more corrupt, stuff. It took a court order to make the DOJ disgorge just some of the footage it has. And let me note that the motion to produce that Ethan Nordean, a defendant, filed asking for material to which he is entitled under the law wasn’t enough. Instead, the “Press Coalition,” which includes CNN, The New York Times, and broadcast news networks, had to add its voice to the motion before the judge. (I happen to think it’s noteworthy that the media’s demands had more weight before the judge than the defendant’s rights.)


Is this even legal?

REVEALED: Virginia's Democratic Governor candidate Terry McAuliffe received $200,000 in donations from private equity billionaire Ron Burkle - who owns a plane known as the 'f*** jet'

  • Billionaire Ron Burkle gave $200,000 to Democratic candidate for VA governor 
  • Terry McAuliffe holds a narrow lead over Glenn Youngkin in much-watched race
  • Burkle is a prolific Democratic donor who has attracted controversy for his jet setting lifestyle and social circle
  • He invested in disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein's movies
  • And his personal plane was nicknamed 'air f*** one' and the 'f*** jet,' according to reports 
  • His name also appeared in Jeffrey Epstein's infamous 'black book'
  • Public campaign finance reports show he donated $100,000 to McAuliffe in September after a similar contribution last December 

Monday, October 18, 2021

When expecting honesty from government officials evaporates...

Justice Department plays politics in letting Andrew McCabe escape punishment

The continuing decline of NYC

Subway crime rate jumps amid 50 percent increase in thefts

A mass shooting?

One dead, seven wounded in shooting at Grambling State

Election fraud: Note election workers fired for shredding registrations

Government bans song

Forget Freedom Of Speech – Canadian Government Bans Employees From Saying “Let’s Go Brandon”(Photo)


Garland's grifters

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland’s Wife Worked at Heavily Classified Defense Contractor ‘E-Systems’ Then Focused on Elections Before the 2020 Election

Here Are All The Green New Deal Handouts Democrats Wedged Into Their $3.5 Trillion Budget

Here Are All The Green New Deal Handouts Democrats Wedged Into Their $3.5 Trillion Budget

  • Democrats have inserted numerous provisions and subsidy programs into their $3.5 trillion budget that would benefit green energy companies and speed the transition to renewables.
  • “The whole thing is ridiculous,” Myron Ebell, the director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It would be laughable except it’s not laughable because it’s going to have tremendously negative economic consequences.”
  • The budget would include a credit worth as much as $12,500 for consumers who purchase a new electric vehicle, $2,500 for electric motorcycles purchased and even $1,500 for electric bicycles, according to Ebell.
  • A key part of the budget is the $150 billion Clean Electricity Performance Program — the centerpiece of the bill’s climate agenda — which would incentivize energy companies to produce fewer emissions through a series of grants and fees . Democrats have inserted numerous provisions and subsidy programs into their $3.5 trillion budget that would benefit green energy companies and speed the transition to renewables.

    The Build Back Better Act would invest an estimated $295 billion of taxpayer money into a variety of clean energy programs in what would amount to the most sweeping climate effort passed by Congress, accordingto a House Committee on Energy and Commerce report. That price tag doesn’t factor in the other costly measures approved by the House Ways and Means, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Oversight and Transportation committees last month.

    “This bill is crammed with green welfare subsidies, specifically for corporations and the wealthy,” House Ways and Means Ranking Member Kevin Brady told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview.

    “They are extending and creating a whole host of green energy tax credits such as electric transmission property, zero emissions facilities and clean hydrogen,” the Texas Republican continued. “These are no longer merely tax credits, which count against the taxes you owe. These are direct pay. In effect, they’re government checks from Washington.”

    The credits Brady referenced would incentivize the development of new transmission lines delivering renewable energy nationwide, reward facilities that produce zero or net negative carbon emissions and offset major costs associated with producing clean hydrogen power. But thesesubsidies represent a small portion of the giveaways packed into the legislation.