Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Former Clinton adviser suggests Trump be overthrown and Hillary made president...more proof these people are quite deranged. They never say exactly how the Russians influenced the election do they? Can't argue with the mentally ill

Former Clinton adviser suggests Trump be overthrown and Hillary made president

Former Clinton adviser suggests Trump be overthrown and Hillary made president
Peter Daou, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, suggested that President Donald Trump should be overthrown and Clinton installed as president over allegations that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to defeat Clinton. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) 

Peter Daou, an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, got a lesson in basic constitutional law Sunday after he suggested that President Donald Trump be overthrown and replaced with Clinton.
Daou made the suggestion as the 23rd tweet in a 25-tweet rant, where he attempted to lay out the case that last year’s presidential election was hacked by Russia to benefit Trump over Clinton, making it the “biggest political scandal in US history.”
“A hostile power helped elect our president,” Daou alleged.
Daou said that if the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign yields evidence, then the scandal will become a “full-blown Constitutional crisis.” It’s Daou’s suggestion on what to do next that has people on social media mocking him.
“At that point, the only fair and just resolution is to have popular vote winner Hillary Clinton take office. Or to hold a new election,” Daou tweeted.

Heavily armed left-wing group tries to intimidate liberal reporter filming them. It doesn’t work. Did you see anything about this in your local media? Soros army?

Heavily armed left-wing group tries to intimidate liberal reporter filming them. It doesn’t work.

Heavily armed left-wing group tries to intimidate liberal reporter filming them. It doesn’t work.
A heavily armed left-wing group tried to intimidate a liberal reporter into not recording video of their actions Saturday in Phoenix. (Image source: Facebook video screen cap) 

Amid an Arizona “Make America Great Again” march in support of Republican President Donald Trump on Saturday, a heavily armed left-wing group  tried to intimidate a liberal reporter into not recording video of their actions.
Reporter Stephen Lemons spotted the group of “about 40 or so assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, and members of a group calling itself the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club across the street from the state Capitol, openly armed to the proverbial teeth,” he wrote in the Phoenix New Times.
Lemons, a liberal, said he initially thought, “Hey, lefties with guns, that’s cool.” But the sentiment didn’t last long.
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
“While I was taking photographs of them, a woman approached me and told me that the group would not be granting interviews,” Lemons wrote in the New Times. “She gave me a flier with a statement from something called the ‘Redneck Revolt,’ which according to the flier aims to ‘put the RED back in redneck.'”
After Lemons began walking alongside the group — seemingly marching in formation on a sidewalk as many openly held rifles in front of their chests — Lemons began recording them on Facebook live, he said. Then things got very tense.
Lemons said he unintentionally brushed against one of the group members on the sidewalk — and the heavily tattooed man retaliated by walking backward into Lemons and “pushing” him aside.
“Oh, that’s interesting,” Lemons said on video after the altercation. “I like to see the left-wing get feisty. You assault reporters a lot? You’re a big bad ass ’cause you got a gun — you wanna shoot me?”
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Then the group stopped and one gun-toting bearded member wearing sunglasses asked to see Lemons’ credentials. Lemons refused. Then he asked Lemons to “stop following us.” Lemons refused, telling the man they were on public property.
“Usually I’m documenting right-wing hate groups,” Lemons told the man, “and I’d be cool with you guys being down here. But the hostility is not cool.”
“If you cared about right-wing hate groups and stopping them, then you’d get out of our face with that phone,” the man replied to Lemons.
Lemons issued a terse retort: “Well, tough s**t.”
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
“I’m just going to warn you that we’re not responsible for anything that might happen to that phone,” the man told Lemons.
The argument continued between Lemons and the group, with the reporter refusing to stop recording video of their activities.
“I’ve actually seen more respect for the right-wing side,” Lemons tells them.
Toward the end, a man who seemingly acted as the group’s leader appeared and told the members to leave the area.
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Lemons and the man chatted for a few minutes, and he wrote that the “progressive goons with guns tried to block me” as he continued to shoot video. Then the man suddenly turned and ran toward a vehicle that whisked him away, as Lemons laughed at their “ridiculous” behavior.
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Image source: Facebook video screen cap
Here’s the video. (Content warning: Strong language):

Former Obama press secretary Josh Earnest has a new job. Care to guess where?

Former Obama press secretary Josh Earnest has a new job. Care to guess where?

Former Obama press secretary Josh Earnest has a new job. Care to guess where?
Former President Barack Obama shakes hands with then-press secretary Josh Earnest during his last briefing Jan. 17 at the White House in Washington, D.C. NBC News introduced Earnest as a "political analyst" for NBC News and MSNBC. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) 

Former White House press secretary Josh Earnest has a  new job, NBC News announced Monday.
The peacock network’s “Today” show introduced Earnest as a “political analyst” for both NBC News and MSNBC. Earnest served as former President Barack Obama’s third press secretary, after Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney.
Co-host Savannah Guthrie joked while welcoming Earnest, “Now you have to wear your analyst hat, not your Democrat hat.”
Earnest’s first opportunity came moments later when Guthrie and co-host Matt Lauer quizzed him over the Republicans’ failure to repeal and replace Obamacare with the American Health Care Act.
“This is so unfair to do to you on your first day,” Lauer quipped at one point.
NBC News President Noah Oppenheim and MSNBC President Phil Griffin confirmed Earnest’s new role in a memo sent out Monday.
Josh recently completed a ten-year run with President Obama, most recently serving as White House Press Secretary from 2014-17. A native of Kansas City, Josh graduated from Rice University with a degree in political science and policy studies. With his wealth of experience and insight, Josh will be a great addition to our roster of contributors and will be an asset for our two networks as we continue to cover the White House, Congress and politics beyond the Beltway.
Earnest joins many of his predecessors in making the jump from the White House to cable or network news.
Carney joined CNN after leaving the White House while Gibbs went to work for MSNBC. Dana Perino, former press secretary under President George W. Bush, was hired by Fox News and former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer worked for CNN from 2011-2013. Tony Snow, who also served as press secretary under George W. Bush, joined CNN in 2007, about a year before succumbing to cancer.
Earnest will be based in NBC News’ Washington, D.C., bureau, according to The Hill.

Really, Mr. Tingles? Democrats say the stupidest things.

Chris Matthews compares Ivanka Trump and her husband to murderous sons of Saddam Hussein

Chris Matthews compares Ivanka Trump and her husband to murderous sons of Saddam Hussein
Talk show host Chris Matthews described the expanding power of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as that similar to Saddam Hussein's murderous sons, Uday and Qusay on MSNBC. (Image Source: YouTube screen cap). 

Chris Matthews made a very odd comparison on his MSNBC show Monday while trying to impress upon his viewers the gravity of the power granted to Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner by President Donald Trump.
“You know, we kid,” he said, “I kid about everything, but Uday and Qusay working for Saddam Hussein — you couldn’t go to a restaurant and have eye contact with those guys without getting killed.”
“These people are really powerful,” he explained. “Imagine getting into a fight in the office with Jared or Ivanka. They have enormous power, and they’re always gonna be there.”
“This is what I worry about for other people in the White House,” Politico’s Annie Karni responded. “Ivanka Trump has been described as her father’s eyes and ears on the ground. That’s a little scary if you’re just a regular White House staffer.”
Matthews was discussing the issues arising out of Trump giving members of his family official positions in the cabinet, and even assigning some access to confidential information to them. Some have criticized the nepotism involved, while others have said there are ethical issues with the actions. Matthews is the first to compare them to the murderously evil brothers Usay and Qusay, the sons of dictator Saddam Hussein.
CNN described the expanding role of the power couple:
The pair have long been top advisers to Trump, but both now seem ascendent. Ivanka Trump, who is getting her own West Wing office, is heading to Berlin in April at the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to attend the W20 Summit. Kushner, it was announced Monday, will lead an “innovation” office tasked with making government more efficient.
Even as Trump courts chaos and competing factions among his top staff, the couple is often referred to as “moderating forces,” and “Donald Trump whisperers.” The phrases “inner circle” and “power couple” often accompanying reports about the two, who live just two miles from the White House in DC’s Kalorama neighborhood.

Ivanka Trump has been a favorite target of the more malicious among the left. In December, a Politico writer was let go for wondering if Trump had committed incest with his daughter Ivanka, and she was accosted on an airplane flight by an angry man yelling at her that her father had “ruined the country.”

Ted Koppel exposes his ideological bent with an ridiculous level of arrogance

Ted Koppel blasts conservative talk shows as ‘bad for America’

​Veteran ​network ​news​man Ted Koppel called out Fox News’ Sean Hannity and other talk show hosts as “bad for America” because they attract viewers who “are determined that ideology is more important than facts​,​” in an interview that aired on Sunday.
Koppel interviewed Han​​nity for a segment on the deepening political divide in America on “CBS Sunday Morning” when the discussion turned to conservative talk radio and the spoon-feeding of information to viewers.
“We have to give some credit to the American people that they are somewhat intelligent and that they know the difference between an opinion show and a news show. You’re cynical,” Hannity ​told Koppel.
“I am cynical,” said Koppel. the​ former ​longtime host of ABC News’ “Nightline.”
“Do you think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America?” Hannity asked.
“Yeah,” ​Koppel replied, adding, “In the long haul, I think you and all these opinion shows ​…”
“Really? That’s sad, Ted,” Hannity ​interjected​.
“No, you know why?” Koppel said. “Because … you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”
Later, in an interview with White House spokesman Sean Spicer, Koppel asked whether Americans should take President Trump literally in light of criticism that he spreads falsehoods.
“No, I think you should take him literally. The president’s very authoritative when he speaks. He wants to be taken literally. And also you have to understand that when you have 140 characters, that somebody trying to look at that and say, ‘This means the following’ is a little bit too much,​”​ Spicer said.​
“That’s one good reason for not using Twitter to communicate serious issues,” said Koppel.

Government waste and incompetence

Money for nothing: Cuomo’s $25 billion upstate-jobs failure

It’s no secret that Gov. Cuomo’s efforts to boost the upstate economy haven’t panned out, but a new investigation this week documents just what a spectacular failure they’ve been.
The series, by Investigative Post, ProPublica and the Columbia School of Journalism, notes that since 2010 Cuomo by his own reckoning has dropped a whopping $25 billion to restart the upstate economy — but with pathetically little to show for it.
While jobs have grown 11 percent nationally since 2010, and 13 percent in all New York, Upstate jobs grew just 2.7 percent, worse than in all but three states.
In some areas, jobs contracted: Down 3.5 percent in Binghamton, for example, and 5.2 percent in Elmira. Worse, nine out of 10 new Upstate jobs are in “low-wage sectors.” 
This, from billions spent on programs that, the investigation found, suffer from “a lack of transparency and objective analysis to determine their effectiveness.” 
The spending takes the form of cash grants, tax breaks, electric discounts and even direct investment in factory buildings.
Ironically, Cuomo boasts of his programs’ “successes,” especially in the billion-plus he’s spent in Buffalo so far. Oops: Jobs there grew just 4.7 percent on his watch — while his outlays spawned corruption that led to several high-profile indictments.
Cuomo can’t blame anyone but himself. His policies weren’t “the right policies,” says fiscal expert E.J. McMahon. Indeed, some (his fracking ban, higher minimum wages, mandatory paid family leave and tax hikes on the rich) have served to stunt job growth.
Which has spawned an exodus. Last year’s net outflow of residents Upstate actually topped the increase downstate, leading to the state’s first population decline in a decade. 
Your tax dollars at work.

How is this different from what a Sharia court would rule.

MPs criticise Mustafa Bashir bat attack abuse sentence

Mustafa BashirImage copyrightPAT ISAACS/CAVENDISH
Image captionBashir told his wife he could have killed her with the bat, the court heard
MPs have criticised a judge over a suspended jail term given to a man who attacked his wife with a cricket bat.
Mustafa Bashir, 34, also forced bleach into her mouth, but the judge in Manchester said his sentence took into account his wife was not "vulnerable".
Both Jess Phillips, Labour, and Maria Miller, Conservative, said they were concerned by the case and would write to the attorney general. 
Bashir's ex-wife said she was "disappointed" by the judge's comments.
At Manchester Crown Court, Bashir of Hebers Court, Middleton, Manchester, admitted two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
Jess Phillips MPImage copyrightPA
Image captionJess Phillips said the judge's comments sent a "dangerous" message
Judge Richard Mansell said his decision on the sentence was guided by the fact he was "not convinced [Bashir's then wife] was a vulnerable person" as she was "an intelligent woman with a network of friends" and a degree. 
Despite acknowledging the attacks had an "ongoing effect" on his victim's ability to trust people, he sentenced Bashir, who played cricket for Oldham, to 18 months, suspended for two years.
Speaking to the BBC, which has agreed not to use her name, Bashir's ex-wife said she was "disappointed in the comments which the judge made about my vulnerability". 
She added: "I am a confident and strong woman because of what I have suffered. I was suffering for my life but the judge didn't believe me."

'Dangerous' message

The judge also ordered Bashir to attend a workshop entitled ''building better relationships'', pay £1,000 costs and banned him from contacting his ex-wife indefinitely. 
Ms Phillips, who is MP for Birmingham Yardley, said the judge's comments sent a "dangerous" message.
"Your vulnerability and your risk is a completely dynamic thing," she said.
"Everybody has a dynamic risk, I've met women who went on to be murdered who had law degrees, who were very eminent business people.
"There's no category that domestic violence does not touch. It does not follow class lines, it does not follow race lines, it does not follow age lines."
Ms Miller, chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, told the BBC: "The brutality of the sort of acts that have been outlined really make me believe that this was a devastating episode in the victim's life. 
"I do think this needs to be properly understood by judges and it needs to be properly accounted for in sentencing."

Contract claim

An apparent defence claim, noted by the judge, that a prison sentence would have lost Bashir a contract with Leicestershire County Cricket Club (LCCC) has been rejected by the club, which denies it has ever been in contact with Bashir.
The CPS said: "We are aware of recent developments relating to this case and are currently considering our options."
Anna Soubry, Conservative MP Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, said: "Police need to get a statement from LCCC.
"They may want to consider whether any other charge needs to be brought if the defendant has deliberately advanced something that is not true to reduce the sentence and/or keep him out of prison."
While the offence is not one where the sentence can be referred to the Court of Appeal as "unduly lenient", the judge has 56 days to recall it if doubt is cast on the grounds for the sentence.

The AR-15 as a home defense weapon proves its worth

Three teenage burglars shot dead in US

the police at the homeImage copyrightABC
Image captionPolice believe the teens broke in to steal
Three teenagers who broke into a home in Oklahoma were killed by the homeowner's son firing an assault-style AR-15, say police.
"They were dressed in black, all had masks on, and all had gloves on," Deputy Nick Mahoney told reporters.
The intruders - who police say were armed with brass knuckles and a knife - were shot by a 23-year-old man in an act of "self-defence", officers said.
The son may not face charges due to so-called stand your ground laws.
"This may be a case of 'stand-your-ground,' however, it's still too early to say for sure, and we're still looking into all aspects of this," Mr Mahoney told local media.
He was referring to the laws in some states that say a citizen can legally use lethal force if they feel that their life in is imminent danger.
Two of the teenagers died inside the home and one ran outside before dying in the driveway.
the homeImage copyrightABC
Image captionThe homeowner and adult son were home at the time of the suspected break-in
The teenagers broke through a sliding glass door in the back of the house before encountering the homeowner's adult son, who was armed with an AR-15 assault-style rifle, police say.
The man, who authorities say also lives at the address with his father, opened fire on the teens after they had a "short exchange of words".
Authorities say they have no reason to believe the home residents knew the teens.
Two of the teens are under 17 years old and one is between 18 and 19.
Elizabeth Marie RodriguezImage copyrightABC
Image captionElizabeth Marie Rodriguez
A fourth person has been arrested and is facing murder and burglary charges. 
Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, 21, turned herself in at the Broken Arrow police station and has admitted to serving as a getaway driver.
Nearby residents tell local media that there have been a string of burglaries in the area, but police have made no link.