Thursday, July 28, 2016

Democrat treason

Remember when Ted Kennedy worked with the Soviets in 1983 in an attempt to thwart the election of Reagan?

The democrat Party has long been sympathetic to Communist tyrants: Castro's, Chavez, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

Watch Hillary's America trailer. See the movie.

Hillarys America

A reminder...

The Democrats and media are making a big deal of trumps tongue in cheek comment about Hillary's missing emails and Russia hackers. They say its treasonous. But, do they remember Obama's comment to Medvedev prior to the 2012 election where he told him to tell Putin "not to worry" when he becomes President. Which is treasonous?

Homeownership drops to 50 year low.

Homeownership Rate in the U.S. Tumbles to the Lowest Since 1965

The U.S. homeownership rate fell to the lowest in more than 50 years as rising prices put buying out of reach for many renters.
The share of Americans who own their homes was 62.9 percent in the second quarter, the lowest since 1965, according to a Census Bureau report Thursday. It was the second straight quarterly decrease, down from 63.5 percent in the previous three months.
First-time buyers have been struggling to find affordable properties as low mortgage rates and an improving job market spur competition for a tight supply of listings. Home prices rose 5.2 percent in May from a year earlier, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index of values in 20 cities released this week.
“One of the biggest hurdles now is affordability,” Mark Vitner, a senior economist at Wells Fargo Securities LLC in Charlotte, North Carolina, said before the Census Bureau report was released. “Home prices are rising so much faster than incomes, so it’s hard for buyers to save for a down payment.”
The homeownership rate reached a peak of 69.2 percent in June 2004.

Terrorism changes the way we live and not in a good and open way.

Tourists banned from taking bags onto Cannes beaches in France over terror attack fears

Merkel wants more refugees...what's that they say about insanity, doing the same thing over and over again. When a government rules against the interest of its citizens you live in a tyrannical state.

Merkel admits EU is being RAVAGED BY TERROR but says Germany should welcome MORE refugees

CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel has said Germany is facing a “major” threat from terrorism but that this should not stop refugees being welcomed to Europe.

German Chancellor Angela MerkelGETTY
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
The German leader, who cut short her summer holiday to speak after a string of Islamist attacks rocked the country, said the entire continent was being “ravaged” by terrorism.
She described recent attacks in Ansbach, Wurzburg and Munich as “horrifying and depressing” but insisted Germany would not turn its back on people fleeing the Middle East. 
In the wake of the killings, Mrs Merkel said Germany now needed a better “early warning system” to spot radicalised Muslims among the newly-arrived migrants.
She said the central government would “redouble its efforts” against the threat, increasing staff numbers and resources for security services.

She said: "The terrorists want to make us lose sight of what is important to us, break down our cohesion and sense of community as well as inhibiting our way of life, our openness and our willingness take in people who are in need.
"They see hatred and fear between cultures and they see hatred and fear between religions. 
“We stand decisively against that.”
The terrorists want to make us lose sight of what is important to us, break down our cohesion and sense of community 
Angela Merkel
She added that Germany would "stick to our principles" and "give shelter to those who deserve it".
Economists have warned that Germany's shrinking population could hit growth and many now believe Mrs Merkel's fondness for large-scale migration is aimed at ensuring the country maintains its working-age population. 
However, she also hinted that Germany would act in the future to limit the numbers that were arriving at its borders. 
Asked if reducing the flow of migrants was a priority, Mrs Merkel responded: “Yes of course this is one of my objectives, immigration from last year was marked by a illegal immigration, human trafficking, and this is not something that we can accept. 
“Thousands die in the Mediterranean and we have said two things: first that we have to legalise the flow and that is why the voluntary agreement with Turkey contains humanitarian quotas, and also…a country like Germany, as strong as Germany, can not continue to take in such a flow of migrants and we have to limit the numbers. 
“We say that the refugees can lead a good life close to their homes and that is why three billion euros are earmarked for refugees in Turkey. 
“This is our responsibility, i am convinced of that. 
But she continued: “I am not going to say that we are going to welcome any more refugees, but we have to work hard to combat the root causes.”
Speaking defiantly amid the escalating poltiical and security crisis in Germany, Mrs Merkel repeated several times the mantra "We can do this" after spelling out the "major litmus test" that the country was now facing.
She also spoke of speeding up the process of sending home failed asylum seekers, after it emerged the Syrian migrant who detonated explosives near a music festival in Ansbach was refused the right to stay in Germany. 
In an admission of the dangers the migrant crisis has posed to security in Europe, Mrs Merkel also said that attacks in Paris last November was proof that terrorist fighters were being smuggled in among the flow of people arriving from the Middle East and Africa.
She said the attacks had “mocked” Germany and damaged the reputation of the majority of refugees in the country, who are law-abiding.
The German government will now look to take “additional measures” to counter the jihadi threat, although Mrs Merkel refused to be rushed into outlining exactly what these might be. 
Germany must conduct a comprehensive review before taking any steps in response to the attacks, she said. 
Mrs Merkel added: “These events create major concern and fears, but fears cannot inform us in political action and I will do my utmost to prevent these attacks from happening again. 
“We are not the only ones [affected by terrorism]. Governments need to live up to their responsibilities to restore confidence.”
German Chancellor Angela Merkel poses for the media as she arrives at a press conference in BerlinGETTY
German Chancellor Angela Merkel poses for the media as she arrives at a press conference in Berlin
Chancellor Merkel says Germany will 'stick to our principles' & give shelter to those who deserve it
A spate of attacks since July 18 has left 15 people dead - including four attackers - and dozens injured.
Two assailants, a Syrian asylum seeker and a refugee from either Pakistan or Afghanistan, had links to Islamist militancy, officials say.
The attacks have burst any illusions in Germany that the country is immune to attacks like those claimed by ISIS in neighbouring France.
Critics of Mrs Merkel say her refugee policy is at fault, after more than a million migrants entered Germany in the past year.
More to follow…

NY Times posts loss. Who wants to read a Democrat Party mimeograph sheet?

New York Times posts loss, forecasts rebound in digital ad sales

* Digital ad sales falls for second straight quarter
* Print ad sales drop for eighth straight quarter
* "Already seeing a marked turnaround in July"-CEO
* Shares down 1.2 percent in morning trading (Adds details; updates shares)
July 28 (Reuters) - The New York Times Co reported its second quarterly loss in a row as advertising sales declined, but the publisher said it expects a rebound in digital ad revenue growth in the current quarter.
Digital ad revenue, which accounts for about a third of total ad revenue, dropped 6.8 percent in the April to June period, declining for the second straight quarter.
Print ad revenue fell 14.1 percent, the eighth straight quarterly decline.
"Advertising was tougher in the quarter, particularly on the print side," Chief Executive Mark Thompson said in a statement on Thursday.
"In digital, we saw very strong growth in mobile, video and virtual reality, branded content and programmatic advertising."
However, this was not enough to offset declines in traditional web display, which led to an overall decline in digital advertising, he said.
"We expect that situation to improve in the second half of the year; in fact, we are already seeing a marked turnaround in July," he said.
Like other newspaper and magazine publishers, the Times has found it difficult to cope with a steady decline in print ad revenue in recent years.
In an attempt to overcome this, the company has been pushing into digital offerings, dubbing 2016 "an investment year" and committing to invest more than $50 million over the next three years to boost its digital presence outside the United States.
The Times has also invested in technology and initiatives such as distributing Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets to subscribers.
Thompson, however, had warned in February that operating profit would be under pressure due to its spending on digital initiatives.
The Times posted a net loss of $211,000 attributable to shareholders for the second quarter ended June 26, compared with a profit of $16.4 million a year earlier.
On an adjusted basis, it earned 11 cents per share from continuing operations, matching the average analysts estimate, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.
The Times' shares were down 1.2 percent in morning trading, adding to their 4.7 percent decline this year.
(Reporting by Richa Naidu in Bengaluru; Editing by Ted Kerr and Savio D'Souza)

Obama refers to himself 119 times during Hillary nomination...what a humble, selfless man. Since the left is incapable of understanding humor this is sarcasm.

‘I was so young that first time’
0:00 / 2:24
Addressing the Democratic National Convention on its penultimate night to lay out the case for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, President Obama began by recalling his political debut at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He then described how his family has become so well known to America in the intervening years. He spoke of his time in office, how the presidency has physically aged him, but how his daughters euphemistically note he now looks more "mature."
He spoke of everything he is proud to have achieved --  passing ObamaCare, expanding clean energy production, reducing consumption of foreign oil, passing the Iran deal, bringing troops home, killing bin Laden.
He spoke of how inspired he's become meeting Americans of all stripes. He spoke of his optimism. He spoke of the values he imparted from his family.  
If it's starting to sound like Obama talked a lot about himself, that’s because he did. 
In total, we counted 119 times Obama referred to himself during his speech ostensibly about Hillary Clinton.
Note that in arriving at this calculation, we included mentions of "we" when he was clearly including himself as part of the plural pronoun; the many uses of "we" in referring to America at large were not included. "Me," "myself," "our" and his third-person reference to "a half Kenyan grandson" were also included. 
Did we miscount? Feel free to let us know in the comments section. 
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