Sunday, November 28, 2010

None so blind...

Portland's Mayor Goes Into Politically Correct Mode

"Bad actions by one member of any group does not and should not be generalized or applied more widely to other members of that same group," said Adams, "Otherwise, as the biggest racial group in Portland, we European-Americans would be in deep trouble."

Mayor Adams misses the point. This isn't about race. For that matter it isn't about nationality either. This is a global problem. As mentioned earlier, Mohamud is Somali. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (a.k.a. The Christmas Day Bomber) was born on the other side of Africa in Nigeria; Faisal Shahzad (a.k.a. The Times Square Bomber) is from Pakistan and Nidal Malik Hasan (a.k.a. The Fort Hood Shooter) is an American of Jordanian-Palestinian origin. Let us also not forget that John Walker Lindh and Jose Padilla were also born in this country.

So what do all of these men have in common? They were willing to kill people (mostly civilian) in the name of advancing Islamic jihad. At what point will our political elite stop pretending that Islam has no connection with terrorism? Mayor Adams (and for that matter President Obama) ignore the cries of "Allahu Akbhar" at our peril. This is a problem that is not going away. It has already claimed too many innocent lives and one of these days it is going to claim a large number of innocent lives again. But how can you solve a problem when our political elite insists it doesn't exist?

President Obama can say to his heart's content that America isn't at war with Islam. But that doesn't mean Islam (or at least a very critical mass of it) isn't at war with us.

Who is this scurrilous Sam Adams. From Wikipedia:

From 1992 until 2004, Adams was in a long-term relationship with Greg Eddie.[29] In 2007, the former couple, in a challenge to the state constitution, filed suit against the State of Oregon to dissolve their domestic partnership and divide Adams' future pension.[30][31] After his break-up with Eddie, Adams was, for the first time, both openly gay and single. Adams lamented his lack of "gaydar." He said this made him decide to date only men who asked him out first.[32]

In 2005, Adams met a young man interning for Oregon State Representative Kim Thatcher.[33] In September 2007, Adams denied rumors of a sexual relationship between the two, calling the allegations scurrilous, and adding that they played into stereotypes of predatory gays.[33] In January 2009, after being confronted with a story in Willamette Week, Adams acknowledged lying about the nature of the relationship, later explaining that the other man initiated it and that they did not become sexually active until he reached the age of consent.[32][34] The man confirmed Adams' account, adding that he had no regrets about their relationship.[2][33][35] Adams apologized, saying he had lied to avoid untrue accusations of having had sex with a minor and the likely disruption such allegations would cause in his mayoral campaign.[6][36] Adams cited the "swift public condemnation" of former mayor and governorNeil Goldschmidt in 2004 by the news media as weighing heavily in his decision to lie. "[N]o one's going to believe me [that he was eighteen]".[2] Oregon had already seen several prominent political sex scandals; prior to Goldschmidt's, there was one involving Senator Bob Packwood in 1992.[2] The "well-funded newsroom" of The Oregonian had been criticized for failing to pursue both stories. In the Goldschmidt case, the Oregonian publicly debated with Willamette Week over which publication reported more accurately and aggressively.[2] Adams also announced his intention to remain in office.[35]

News of the deception led Oregon Attorney General John Kroger to initiate a criminal investigation in January 2009. By June, his office announced that no charges would be filed and that there was "no credible evidence" of inappropriate sexual contact before the age of consent.[37][38] Before Kroger's findings were made public, several newspapers called for Adams' resignation. The Portland Mercuryand the board of the Portland Area Business Association, the LGBTQ chamber of commerce, spoke out against resignation.[39][40][41][42][43][44] Out magazine columnist Dan Savage noted what they saw as hypocrisy, homophobia, and sex panic about age disparity in sexual relationships.[2][33] In July 2009 a campaign to recall Adams was started, because of the affair and deception. It fell short of gathering the necessary number of signatures.[45][46] A second effort began in Fall 2009, with financial backing from over a dozen regional businesses. The backers posit that a "lack of trust and political capital" affects their businesses' bottom lines.[47][48][49]

Adams has also dated Christopher Stowell, artistic director of Oregon Ballet Theatre.[50][51] As of early 2008, he was the partner of journalist Peter Zuckerman.[32][52]

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