Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soros an arm of the Democrat Party

Soros drops groups not parroting Dem Party line

The Democracy Alliance, a progressive alliance of big donors founded by George Soros and Tim Gill, has stopped founding a slew of progressive groups deemed unhelpful to the Democratic Party. The Huffington Post's Ryan Grim reports:

Among those who support the creation of a progressive infrastructure, there is heavy debate over whether to fund organizations closely aligned with the Democratic Party or those that operating outside it and pressuring it to move in a more progressive direction.

The groups dropped by the Democracy Alliance tend to be those that work outside the party's structure. Groups with closer ties to the party, such as the Center for American Progress and Media Matters, retained their status with the Democracy Alliance as favored organizations.
Deborah Sagner, a former member of the donor network, said that the decision was in line with the group's unfortunate drift toward supporting only groups closely allied to the Democratic Party. "I was sorry to see that the DA has continued on the trajectory away from funding independent infrastructure that induced me to leave the organization two years ago. I will say that the DA was a great idea (the need was nicely expressed by Bill Bradley in this editorial written at the time the DA was incubating), did some excellent funding of good groups, and it's really a shame that it has not been able to fulfill its promise," she wrote in an email.

The Center for American Progress and Media Matters are supposed to be non-profit, non-political organizations. But as this reporting shows, these organizations are far less interested in furthering the progressive movement, and far more interested in getting Democrats elected.

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