Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anti gun hypocrisy

James O’Keefe meets and films armed security at the homes of Journal-News journalists

Veritas video reporter James O’Keefe has released a new video of his team posing as an anti-gun group promoting an initiative to journalists.
At each home, the group dubbed as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” asks each homeowner if they are willing to put up a “Gun Free” sign in their yard.
O’Keefe primarily focuses his efforts on employees of the Journal-News – the New York newspaper that published a controversial map of registered gun owners online.
Armed security welcomes the Veritas team at some of the homes - as some of the newspaper's employees felt threatened once bloggers retaliated by posting their names and addresses online.
O’Keefe also approaches other journalists at their homes such as columnists from the New Jersey Star-Leger and even Toure from MSNBC.
The team even tries the home of US Attorney Eric Holder – and are quickly met by a police officer.

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