Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Police: Drivers, Beware Of ‘Sliders,’ Because They Are Most Certainly Aware Of You

Thieves Move Quickly, Snatch Your Items, Often From Underneath Your Nose

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They are gone in less than 60 seconds!
Crooks are swiping ladies’ purses from right under their noses – and it could happen to anyone, CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider reported Wednesday.
Surveillance video obtained by CBS 2 shows a woman filling up her SUV. A silver car is seen pulling up next to her like just another customer.
While the woman focuses on the gas pump, the opportunistic crook makes his move, crouching down, opening the passenger side door and grabbing the unsuspecting woman’s purse from inside.
What you’ve just seen is a “slider” in action. It was an entire crime that took less than 19 seconds.
“They say it’s sliding because they’re sliding below the eye level of the door,” a law enforcement official said.
And it’s happening over and over again.
Surveillance cameras also recently capture a scene where, while a woman was inside the store, a thief is seen surveying the situation.
Once she’s back outside and focused on the pump, the man leaps into her driver’s side window, grabs her purse and, just as quickly, is gone.
All the while she never notices a thing.
“A vehicle is not a secure location for your property,” the official said.
Police say sliders take advantage of distraction and prey on a common misconception. Most of us think no one would be crazy enough to break into a car while the driver is standing right next to it.
But sliders are proving that line of thinking is just wrong.
Some drivers said Wednesday they do what they can to protect themselves.
“I don’t hold the pump. I usually click the holder on the pump so I can have time to actually scan what’s going on around me,” driver Sydney Zenon said.
“It should probably be in the glove compartment, underneath the seat somewhere. On my side versus the passenger side, lesson learned,” Andrea Kahle added.
Police said these burglaries can be prevented, and advise women to always lock their doors.
Police also said it is best if women keep their purses out of sight, or simply take them when they are away from their vehicles.

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