Monday, August 12, 2013

How precious. You will believe or you will lose your job. Man made global warming is primarily a justification for control

Interior Secretary: I don't want any climate-change deniers in my department

Buried in a lengthy Washington Post article about President Obama’s environmental policy is an illuminating anecdote about just how debatable the administration views climate change — namely, not at all:
In an agency-wide address to employees Aug. 1, (Interior Secretary Sally) Jewell took the unusual step of suggesting that no one working for her should challenge the idea that human activity is driving recent warming. “I hope there are no climate-change deniers in the Department of Interior,” she said.
The address does not appear to be posted on the department’s website, so the Washington Examiner can only go by the Post’s presumably third-hand version. Still, it raises some interesting questions: What would happen to somebody at the department who raised some skepticism regarding Jewell’s take on climate change? Would they be in danger of losing their job?

Presumably somebody at the Interior Department knows the answers to these questions. Whether they’re willing to talk openly about them is another question.
For example, what if that person posted a news article pointing out that the global temperatures have been flat for the last two decades?

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