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The conspiracy by the Obama hugging mainstream media. Excellent work here.

CNN Airs “The Truth About Benghazi” – But Fills The Story With Lies and Deception – We Explain Why

You can get a deconstruction of the media at many places. The people who visit the Treehouse want to see the entire context; The entire truth, as it presents.

So here we go….

In any endeavor of corruption and misleading governance, the control of, and support by, the media, is an absolute necessity. The USSR needed Pravda to keep the ruse of governance for decades. The need of/by the U.S. government has steadily grown over the course of several progressive decades; but the urgency has increased exponentially over the past five years with the extremes of The Obama Administration.
Yesterday another blatant example of this was clearly evident to those who are tuned in to the deceptive enterprise. However, for the sake of those who do not have the time or energy to actually track such things, here is what took place.
CNN broadcast a story about the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/12; a subject of much controversy. So much so, the administration cannot seem to get away from it because the deceptive narrative is so fundamentally false. Enter the need for the Pravda-esque media, CNN.
CNN needs to maintain an optic of middle road media in order to be effective. MSNBC is so far down the water-carrying road they are essentially useless in helping the White House except for motivating and cheerleading the base of Democrats. But CNN has a more important role, they need the illusion of journalism, as it pertains to the current U.S. administration, in order to be effective.
In the past 48 hours a series of events took place to establish the optic for their Benghazi coverage.
First, Mediaite, another left leaning entity, presented a story about the White House being concerned about CNN’s coverage of Benghazi and threatening access.  In essence Mediaite wrote the cover for CNN by saying the CNN story was “damaging”.  It was not, and this was a planted seed to stimulate interest and subsequently create an illusion of independent journalism. The truth is 180 divergent; Mediaite was setting the bait.
Second, the administration announced, just before the evening news cycle, it was filing charges against the Benghazi attacker who was interviewed by CNN and about to be broadcast. The goal here to give credibility to the CNN broadcast and simultaneously make it appear the narrative was damaging. Create the optic the administration was trying to get out ahead of the story. With the bait set by mediaite earlier, this second aspect set the hook.
So by the time the 10pm CNN Erin Burnett report was set to run, the substance was in place to give it credibility. However, what was broadcast was not journalism, it was/is better described as prime-time propaganda in the extreme.
We could dissect the entire 60 minute segment bit-by-bit, but for the sake of this discussion we will not do that except to point out the inherent flaws within the construct of the heavily manufactured faux-expose’. [At the bottom, we will repost an earlier outline showcasing how absolutely ridiculous the framework is].
As to the construct.
The production itself is several months old. How do we know this? Because Erin Burnett, the shows’ host, is pregnant. Very pregnant right now. She appeared live on the Piers Morgan show,last night 8/5/13, to promote the broadcast story which aired today 8/6/13. In her own words “I’m rather large” describes her physical appearance:
MORGAN: …and on both sides and has been the problem. Your very moving interviews with some of the relatives of those who lost their lives and that really, I think, brings the human side here away from the politics. It’s a very powerful investigation. It’s called “The Truth about Benghazi,” Erin Burnett, airs tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Good to see you.
BURNETT: Good to see, Piers.
MORGAN: And looking so blooming, if I may say so.
BURNETT: Isn’t that a nice way to put it?
MORGAN: Very blooming.
BURNETT: I’m rather large.
MORGAN: So blooming. You’re blooming. Erin Burnett, good to see you.
BURNETT: All right, good to see you, Piers.  (link)
Indeed, she is.
But if you watch the video from the latest Benghazi production you will clearly see several segments where Burnett is not even remotely showing her pregnancy.  There is one especially evident part (toward the end) where she is interviewing the mother of Tyrone Woods, Burnett is wearing a belted red dress, and not even remotely pregnant.
cnn screenshot
This shows the production is clearly at least two months old, if not more, in some of the segments.
Generally this would not mean much, until you connect the dots to the previous Benghazi outlines which show with great specificity, and testimony of CNN employees, a concerted effort to help the White House sell a very specific narrative and hide information. This might sound incredulous, perhaps even entering into tin-foil hat territory, unless you really understand how much evidence exists which proves this to be TRUE.
We have built a virtual research library on their manipulations, just enter “CNN” in the search box and you will find the substance. Two of the most brutally obvious are:
We’ll look for video shortly so that we can capture screen shots, and dissect the actual substance of this latest report “The Truth About Benghazi“. However, in the interim here is the backstory which will help to explain exactly what they are doing…. 
Update 8/7/13 in order to keep the content digestible the captured information is inTHIS POST.
Perhaps this one of the most important discussion threads ever regarding Legacy Media manipulation. We sincerely hope you will take the time to digest the content, think about the ramifications to what is here, and then share the information with others.
This is not a matter of opinion, the CNN stories are documented, attributed and cited. They are factual. Everything is verifiable within the embedded links and citations.
Before getting to the CNN Amber Lyon expose’ (which is incredible and troubling) let’s first back up a moment and take you back to a previous video we shared surrounding recent events.
In this first video from Canada the topic is the Libyan US Consulate Bombing and the US Egyptian Embassy being overrun. While the topic of Egypt is a ‘component’ of the issue, it is not our central concern.
The central issue is Media Controlled by The Obama Administration, and more specifically CNN – as a VERIFIED tool for propaganda and disinformation.
Within this Canadian video report you will find footage of a CNN story on Egypt and Mohammed Al Zawahiri. It was produced by well-known CNN Journalist Nick Robertson. The entire video is excellent, but the pertinent aspect is at the 1:30 mark.  <—- watch it.
In the previous thread I asked two central questions. The Second Question was:
Why would CNN [or CNNi] refuse to air the Nick Robertson report with Muhammed Al Zawahiri (brother of Ayman Al Zawahiri) that clearly shows the Egyptian uprising was 100% in response to his call for protests for release of the Blind sheik on 9-11.? Why would the “most trusted name in news“, hide the report showing the truth, and instead allow the false narrative to be sold, by them, to the American electorate?
Amber Lyon provides the answer(s).
CNN never aired the Nick Robertson report in Egypt because it completely contradicted President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s assertions. In short, the Robertson report, if aired, would have proved Obama and Clinton were lying.
The Nick Robertson CNN report was filmed on 9/11/12, yes the exact morning of the Cairo embassy protest, and, by coincidence, it would have aired at the exact moment Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama began attributing the Egyptian embassy protest to a “U-Tube Video”.
A U-Tube Video the U.S. Cairo embassy itself was unaware of until 9/9/12.
CNN’s refusal to air the real reasoning for the Egyptian Embassy protest turned assault was intentional protection of President Obama, specifically orchestrated by the CNN News group, at the behest of the White House. Specific, intentional, lying.
Apparently they have a history of this no-one knew about. UNTIL NOW.
Amber Lyon is an award-winning journalist who worked for CNN.
She says she was ordered to report fake stories, delete unfriendly stories adverse to the Obama administration (like the Nick Robertson report), and construct stories in specific manners while working for the left-wing network.
CNN is paid by foreign and domestic Government agencies for specific content.

Let me repeat that.

CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others.   She shares: the Obama Administration pays CNN for content control.

Let that sink in.

Additionally CNN and CNNi (International) are also paid by foreign governments to avoid stories that are damaging, and construct narratives that show them in a better, albeit false, light.
Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy winning investigative journalist and photographer. She accuses CNN of being “fake news.”
Back in March 2011, CNN sent a four person team to Bahrain to cover the Arab Spring. Once there, the crew was the subject of extreme intimidation amongst other things, but they were able to record some fantastic footage. As Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s Guardian writes in his blockbuster article from September 4th 2012:
“In the segment, Lyon interviewed activists as they explicitly described their torture at the hands of government forces, while family members recounted their relatives’ abrupt disappearances. She spoke with government officials justifying the imprisonment of activists. And the segment featured harrowing video footage of regime forces shooting unarmed demonstrators, along with the mass arrests of peaceful protesters. In sum, the early 2011 CNN segment on Bahrain presented one of the starkest reports to date of the brutal repression embraced by the US-backed regime.
Despite these accolades, and despite the dangers their own journalists and their sources endured to produce it, CNN International (CNNi) never broadcast the documentary. Even in the face of numerous inquiries and complaints from their own employees inside CNN, it continued to refuse to broadcast the program or even provide any explanation for the decision. To date, this documentary has never aired on CNNi.
Having just returned from Bahrain, Lyon says she “saw first-hand that these regime claims were lies, and I couldn’t believe CNN was making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.”
Here is a segment of the Bahrain report that Amber Lyon and her team put together. CNNi refused to allow it to air because the Bahrain Government had paid them not to show it.
When Amber Lyon recognized the extent of the reasoning, she challenged CNN.
CNN told her to be quiet, and began to view her as a risk. She knew, and found out, too much.
Amber began trying to tell the story, the real story, of what is going on behind the closed doors of US Media entities. Amber has created her own website, and additionally as noted in the Guardian Article she is trying to share the truth of the deceptions.
What Amber Lyon describes is exactly the reason why CNN never aired the Nick Robertson interview with Muhammed Al Zawahiri in Egypt on 9/11/12.
Amber recently did a web interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars. Generally the TreeHouse does not appreciate Alex Jones. He is wound up tighter than piano wire, and unfortunately much of his truth is diminished because of the hype he places upon it.
Alex Jones is easy to disregard as a “conspiracy theorist”, not because of what he says, but because of how he says it. Everything is desperate and dangerous with him.
That said, the words and explanations of Ms. Lyon in the discussion/interview are poignant and vastly informative. So I share the video with you so you can hear from Amber herself exactly what is being described and articulated.
It is critical to listen to what she says, not just about Bahrain but also about what the Obama administration is specifically doing. Just try to overlook the Alex Jones-ism, and focus on what Amber Lyon is sharing.
Is it any wonder why the new media formats are growing so rapidly?
Again, against the backdrop of this most recent propaganda it is helpful to read this link.

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