Thursday, August 15, 2013

Turkey is to blame for the revolution by the Generals

The media in its fear of upsetting the Muslim Brotherhood has totally ignored what happened in Turkey over the last few weeks. Where hundreds in the military were tried and convicted of crimes against the state by the Muslim Brotherhood loving Erdogan and his fundamentalist followers.

The once secular Turkey has become ever increasingly Islamic and Egypt was heading the same way but at a faster clip. Morsi was empowering the radical Islamists everywhere. Isn't it strange that after Morsi was elected the Sinai became of hotbed of terroristic activity? 

Years of fairly cordial relations between Turkey and Israel were dashed after Erdogan's election. Egypt's peace treaty with Israel was more then threatened after Morsi's election. The goal is the same an   Islamic region where everyone else is forced into dhiminitude. 

The media has also been lax in reporting the economic troubles caused by the Brotherhood's election. Remember it was Morsi who appointed a governor to the district in which the pyramids reside who thought tourism was anti-Islamic. A death wish for a country so heavily dependent on tourism. It was only after large protests by locals that the man was removed from office.

Islam and democracy are incompatible and Morsi was working at making it one election, one time.

At least 16 militants were killed in the Sinai Peninsula this weekend, including some from a group which killed 16 Egyptian soldiers near Rafah last year and has repeatedly targeted Israel.

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