Thursday, August 15, 2013

You Can't Rage Against the Machine That Feeds You

Also from Matt Walsh

First things first: You can’t rage against “the man,” or complain about “the system,” or pretend to be a “free thinker,” or fashion yourself a rebel, if you are proponent of, or a participant in, the Welfare State. The government coerces people into sacrificing their liberty and independence as they grovel at the feet of the powers that be, begging for a spot at the public trough. This is is not the sort of thing which any self respecting revolutionary or libertarian can abide. Neither can any constitutionalist or freedom lover. You can Occupy Wherever and shout about the “elites,” but who the hell do you think runs the welfare system? And why do you think they run it? The government that lies and kills and maims and conspires to seize power and wealth, also wants nothing more than to hold the poor and disenfranchised close to it’s bosom in a loving embrace? Is that what we’re supposed to believe?
This is the thing that immediately jumped out at me when I saw the Fox News special profiling the California surfer food stamp recipient. While exploring the exploding food stamp rolls they highlighted the interesting case of this one particular west coast EBT enthusiast. He’s 29 years old, he doesn’t have a job, he surfs all day, drinks all night, hangs with his buddies, and eats on the taxpayer’s dime. Oh, and he’s not dining on generic peanut butter and pre-packaged lunch meat — he’s munching on lobster and sushi and shrimp. I’ve never purchased lobster. I’ve never even had brand name cereal. But then again, I have an incentive to be frugal. It’s my own money I’m spending. This guy is a parasite on the Magical Money Tree, why should he deny himself the finer things?

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