Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nickel and dimeing the Second Amendment

Viral Gun Registration Photo in Connecticut Reminds Some of Weimar Germany
This gun registration photo from Connecticut has gone viral, due to some people’s perception that it isreminiscent of Weimar Germany.
In Connecticut, the state’s new gun laws have gone into effect, and there have been reports of long lines of people registering semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines.
Anything the state considered to be an “assault weapon” (as opposed to a non-assault weapon?) or a high capacity magazine had to be registered before January 1st in order to be legally possessed.
The Germans passed the Law on Firearms and Ammunition of April 13, 1928, and it was strengthened under the Nazis in 1938. Eerily, historical research suggests that the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 was drawn upon in Congress’ rush to pass gun control measures after the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.
The Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership consulted a legal scholar, who found that the NWL was sought out and added to the U.S. Congressional record by Thomas J. Dodd of Connecticut (the first Senator censured in the U.S. Senate and father of disgraced Senator Chris Dodd of Dodd-Frank fame).
The NWL 38 was added to the record just four months before the Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed.  The GCA 68 strengthened the U.S.’ Federal Firearms Act of 1938.
WSFB-TV in Connecticut reported that none of the people the network spoke with in the gun registration lines thinks that the measure is going to reduce gun violence. They believe it’s only hurting law abiding citizens. Scott Boccio, who registered guns, told WFSB-TV in Connecticut, “I understand why they’re doing it, but I don’t think it’s constitutional.”
In Canada and in England, registration preceded confiscation. If gun control doesn’t hinder crime, then firearms registration is not a harmless thing that good citizens do just because the government says so.
Furthermore, the Second Amendment was passed specifically with a mind to organized civilian defense. Civilian ownership of guns transcends even the Constitution’s guarantees; it is a fundamental right for innocent citizens to be able to defend themselves.
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