The joke of trying to smear Bernie as a Jew. There is nothing Jewish about him other then he speaks like a 1950's seltzer deliveryman. Communist's religion is the State, no G-d required.

To me of the most destructive element is the corruption of the media. When a political party gets to vet a journalists copy before even his editor, you're living in a totalitarian state.

'No homo!' How DNC staffers under Wasserman Schultz used anti-gay slurs, mocked the name of an African-American assistant and created a sexist Craigslist job posting to humiliate Donald Trump

  • Thousands of private emails from the Democratic National Committee were published on WikiLeaks over the weekend
  • Among the 20,000 emails, staffers ridiculed each other, made homophobic remarks and took favors from superdelegates
  • The emails also appear to expose favoritism for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over Senator Bernie Sanders
  • In one email, DNC staffer Luis Miranda approves a fake advertisement looking for 'hot' women who want to work for the Trump Organization
  • In another, DNC Finance Director Jordan Kaplan trades favors with a superdelegate who's trying to get an acquaintance's daughter a job
  • Kaplan goes on to make homophobic remarks in another email
  • An administrative assistant at Haddad Brands, named LaQueenia Gibson, was mocked in an email because of her name
  • An email shows DNC staffers making fun of a FOX News freelance reporter Fred Lucas
  • Since the leak, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned and protesters have flocked to the Democratic National Convention 
Among the most damning of the 20,000 emails, staffers make fun of a black woman's name, create a fake Craigslist ad for women interested in working for Donald Trump, and trade favors with superdelegates.
The emails also appear to expose favoritism for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over her chief rival in the primary contest, Senator Bernie Sanders.
Since the leak, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned and protesters have flocked to the Democratic National Convention in protest.
The Democratic National Committee - which saw Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (pictured) resign on Sunday - saw 20,000 of their private emails published on WikiLeaks over the weekend
In one email, staffers discuss a fake Craigslist advertisement that calls for women who want to work for the Trump Organization.
The email begins: 'Digital created a fake craigslist jobs post for women who want to apply to jobs [at] one of Trump's organizations.'
The job description reads: 'Multiple Positions (NYC area) Seeking staff members for multiple positions in a large, New York-based corporation known for its real estate investments, fake universities, steaks, and wine.
'The boss has very strict standards for female employees, ranging from the women who take lunch orders (must be hot) to the women who oversee multi-million dollar construction projects (must maintain hotness demonstrated at time of hiring).
'Title: Honey Bunch (that's what the boss will call you). Job requirements: No gaining weight on the job (we'll take some "before" pictures when you start to use later as evidence).
'Must be open to public humiliation and open-press workouts if you do gain weight on the job. A willingness to evaluate other women's hotness for the boss' satisfaction is a plus.
'Should be proficient in lying about age if the boss thinks you're too old. Working mothers not preferred (the boss finds pumping breast milk disgusting, and worries they're too focused on their children).
'About us: We're proud to maintain a "fun" and "friendly" work environment, where the boss is always available to meet with his employees.
'Like it or not, he may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table. Interested applicants should send resume, cover letter, and headshot to 
Luis Miranda, Communications Director for the DNC, responded to the email after being asked for approval on the fake advertisement. 
'As long as all the offensive s**t is verbatim I’m fine with it,' he wrote in an email.
In another email thread, DNC staffer Scott Comer and a consulting group employee joke about an administrative assistant at Haddad Brands, named LaQueenia Gibson. 

The emails also appear to expose favoritism for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over her chief rival in the primary contest, Senator Bernie Sanders

Administrative assistant at Haddad Brands LaQueenia Gibson (left) is mentioned in one email because of her name, while freelance journalist Fred Lucas (right) is made fun of in another email after requesting an interview
'I'm going to have LaQueenia send out some options for next week,' an executive from Haddad wrote to DNC staffers. 'Hopefully we can all get on the phone and reenergize this event.' 
Comer forwarded the email to an employee at Tipah Consulting with the comment: 'Just kill me now.'
The consulting group employee responded: 'LaQueenia is a NAME! I'm sorry, boo. I hope you got a raise with this title.'
DNC National Finance Director Jordan Kaplan can be seen apparently trading favors with a superdelegate in one email
Some emails focus on Clinton, issues with her campaign and her own personal emails.
In one email, a staffer called accusations about Hillary being accused of laundering money a 's**t topic' brought on by a 'Bernie Bro'.
'I turned him down flat (and politely) and inquired into opportunities next week to talk about something else,' Pablo Manriquez, the former media booker for the DNC responded to Miranda.
Manriquez, who is no longer on the DNC staff, is told in more than one email to 'f**k off' when responding to messages.
In another leaked email, Clinton's own emails are shared and edited, so they can be approved before they're sent out.
In the message, titled 'For approval: Hillary Clinton emails', DNC staffers say the Hillary Victory Fund and Clinton herself had signed off on the messages, but they needed a final approval.
DNC's research associate Jeremy Brinster openly said in a separate email from April, 'Yes, Super PAC paying young voters to push back online on Sanders supporters', suggesting that the committee was showing favoritism toward Clinton. 
The committee, too, appeared to try to expose Bernie Sanders as an Atheist in an attempt to attack his religious views.
'It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief,' an email from DNC CFO Brad Marshall reads. 'Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage.
'I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.'

Kaplan can be seen apparently trading favors with Lucy Moog (pictured) to get an acquaintance's daughter a job in politics

Luis Miranda, Communications Director for the DNC, approved fake Craigslist ads about Donald Trump in one email
Several emails that were leaked discuss the Democratic Party's relationship with various media sites.
In one, DNC staffers are seen conspiring to create false Trump information and release it to Reuters.
'I'm not totally opposed to the idea but it would have to be somewhat controlled. We could set up a 'demo' where we pretend that Trump just said a really offensive thing and then the process of clipping video and getting a release out the door…' DNC Deputy Communications Director Eric Walker says in an email thread.
In another, staffers discuss meeting with MSNBC to discuss how to have the Democratic Party better represented on shows.
Deeper into the leaked emails, the threads get stranger as DNC staffers assess personal issues and interactions with reporters.

After Fred Lucas, a freelance reporter working for Fox News reached out for an interview, several staffers made fun of him among themselves.
One staffer asked his colleagues if there was a 'f**k you' emoji, before another staffer decided the organization was 'not responding at all'.
When Lucas reached out to the DNC again, staffers again laughed at his determination.
'The a*****e from fox emailed us again,' DNC Press Assistant Rachel Palermo wrote to several others. 'I did some research and there's still no "f**k you" emoji, unfortunately.'
In another email, DNC National Finance Director Jordan Kaplan can be seen apparently trading favors with superdelegate Lucy Moog to get an acquaintance's daughter a job in politics. 
A superdelegate reached out to Kaplan asking if he or someone from his staff could 'meet with an awesome young person about to graduate from Duke'.
'She is dying to get into the political world. Worked for Ready for Hillary in NYC couple of summers ago. Smart and savvy. Wants to do the DC post college political thing starting in June. Please?' the superdelegate writes.
In one email, DNC staffers create a fake advertisement looking for 'hot' women who want to work for the Trump Organization
In another email, DNC staffers suggested exposing Bernie Sanders as an Atheist in an attempt to attack his religious views
Kaplan responds by trying to make a deal with the superdelegate.
'Ill make you a deal - now that you are a super delegate and all!' he writes. 'Happy to meet with her, but can I get a pass to the EBC for Thursday morning?'
In a later email to the woman he says: 'I will do it and if i cannot have, someone else step in. I'm not that busy. SHHHH.'
Kaplan had several questionable emails in leaked in the WikiLeaks drop, including one where he used a homophobic remark toward another staffer.
'Are we back to the point I can say I love you? Because I'd like to,' DNC staffer Zachary Allen writes to Kaplan.
Kaplan responds: 'I love you too. No homo.'
In another, Kaplan and a DNC staffer discuss a man's sexuality, where Kaplan says the man 'is definitely gay. He swims for the gay and lesbian team in DC.'
'Totes. He gives me daddy vibes,' DNC's Scott Comer responds.
Overall, the DNC staffers appear to be comfortable discussing other people's personal histories and saying offensive remarks to one another.
In an email titled 'Tiny suggestion', staffer Karina Marquez tells Comer: 'Eat my butt'.
In another, staffers discuss buying a gift basket for a former staffer and decide that the smaller it is, the better.
'He didn't work with us that long,' Kaplan says, suggesting a gift basket below $50.
Comer responds: 'Maybe even less than that since he's so skinny.'
In one email, a group of staffers discuss vetting DNC donor George Lindemann, Jr, when his father, George LIndemann is mentioned because he killed horses for insurance fraud.

While vetting DNC donor George Lindemann, Jr (left), staffers bring up his father, George Lindemann (right) who at one time killed horses for insurance fraud
The email says: 'George Lindemann - convicted of three counts of wire fraud in 1995 and received a 33-month term in federal prison; Investigation stemmed from a federal investigation where over 50 horses were killed in a 20 year period in acts of insurance fraud; nothing new as of 5/9/16.'
Since the leak, the FBI has confirmed that it is 'investigating a cyber intrusion involving the DNC', adding that 'a compromise of this nature is something we take very seriously.'
Clinton's campaign pointed to a massive hacking of DNC computers in June that cybersecurity firms linked to the Russian government.
But it wasn't immediately clear how WikiLeaks received copies of the internal Democratic emails.
Democratic Party officials learned in late April that their systems had been attacked after they discovered malicious software on their computers. 
A cybersecurity firm they employed found traces of at least two sophisticated hacking groups on the Democrats' network - both of which have ties to the Russian government. 
Those hackers took at least one year's worth of detailed chats, emails and research on Donald Trump, according to a person knowledgeable of the breach who wasn't authorized to speak publicly about the matter.
Clinton's campaign stood firmly behind their claims of Russian involvement Monday.

Clinton's manager says DNC will 'take appropriate action'

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'There is a consensus among experts that it is indeed Russia that is behind this hack of the DNC,' Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told CNN.
On Sunday, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said that it was 'concerning last week that Donald Trump changed the Republican platform to become what some experts would regard as pro-Russian.'
Trump's senior policy adviser Paul Manafort called statements by the Clinton campaign 'pretty desperate.'
'It's a far reach, obviously,' Manafort told reporters. 'To lead their convention with that tells me they really are trying to move away from what the issues are going to be in this campaign. It's pretty absurd.'