Monday, December 26, 2016

Myths about the Electoral College

I've recently seen the argument against the Electoral College made on the basis it was to protect slave states. While this argument usually acknowledges that it was created to protect smaller states from abuse the more populous in matters of trade and taxation, it's a false hypothosis. Note in the statistics shown below that the southern states were not the smallest states at all.

From the 1790 Census:

Massachusetts 378,787 
New Hampshire 141,885 
Rhode Island 68,825 
Connecticut 237,946 
New York 340,120 
New Jersey 184,139 
Pennsylvania 434,373 
Delaware 59,096 
Maryland 319,728 
Virginia 691,737 
North Carolina 393,751 
South Carolina 249,073 
Georgia 82,548

The Left simply makes things up too suit an agenda.

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