Thursday, February 23, 2017

MLK Jr. is rolling in his gravee

Outrage over food cart serving free food only for ‘black people’

Richard Harbus 
A makeshift “black people”-only food cart caused plenty of indigestion Thursday in the Bronx, outraging onlookers who called the stunt racist.
A man and a woman set up the cart around 9 a.m. outside Bronx Supreme Court, advertising their free doughnuts and juice on Styrofoam plates.
Richard Harbus
Their three handmade signs read: “Free Food For Black People.”
Passersby weren’t amused.
“Are you kidding me? If I did something like that, it would be considered hate,” railed one woman, who was repeatedly denied any grub when she confronted the duo.
A young man running the cart also refused to serve a Post reporter. And the woman insisted the cart was not restricted to just African-Americans.
“Mexican people are black,” she offered.
The pair closed up shop around 10:30 a.m.

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