Friday, November 2, 2018

A true Marxist; if you're not a Communist, you're a fascist/Nazi. Gulags anyone?

College ‘commie’ convinced Nazis are taking over throws milk at campus Republicans in epic meltdown

A triggered college student wearing a communist button threw milk at members of Florida State University’s Republican club, who were campaigning on campus for gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.
In a profanity-laced tirade, the clueless communist accused the Republican students of “supporting Nazis.” She shrieked: “Do you understand that fascism is here? Do you understand that Nazis are f*cken here?”

Many on Twitter mocked the commie’s meltdown, saying she sounded deranged and irrational and couldn’t even make a cogent argument to support communism.
Hunter Pollack, an FSU student whose sister Meadow was killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting, slammed the “vile attack.”

“Is this the open-minded, tolerant and loving left that we get lectured about?”

“What a display of bullying, lack of respect for others and lack of self-control!”

It’s unclear what “Nazis” have to do with Ron DeSantis, a military veteran and attorney who has served in the US Congress since 2013.
ron desantis navy
Congressman Ron DeSantis risked his life by fighting for the United States in the Iraq War. (US Navy file photos)
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DeSantis — who was endorsed by President Trump — is running against Democrat Andrew Gillum, whose campaign staffer was caught on an undercover Project Veritas video making racist slursagainst white people.
“This is a f–ked up state,” said Omar Smith. “It’s a cracker state!”
Smith added that Andrew Gillum is lying to voters by promising free stuff, and has no intention of delivering on his phony promises.
“Let’s go back to Mr. Gillum’s platform, right? Raise the corporate tax in Florida from 7 to 11 percent. That will never happen. 
Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000, that will never happen.
Medicare for all, that will never happen.”

Here’s what Democrats are really afraid of. Any questions?
Andrew Gillum (Democrat):
  • Florida A&M University, bachelor’s degree.
  • Mayor of Tallahassee since 2014.
  • Tallahassee has one of the highest crime rates in the United States.
  • Tallahassee was voted one of the most dangerous places to live in U.S.
  • Tallahassee was voted one of the “50 worst places to live” in America.
Ron DeSantis (Republican):
  • Florida Congressman since 2013.
  • Harvard Law School graduate, undergraduate degree from Yale.
  • Served in U.S. Navy (2004-2010).
  • Fought in Iraq War.
  • Awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service.
  • Chairman of the House National Security subcommittee.
Patriots, please vote on November 6. America’s future depends on you.

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