Monday, April 1, 2019

NYC does income redistribution via traffic control

"Motorists entering Midtown Manhattan below 60th Street will be charged a toll, which is anticipated to raise more than $1 billion a year for the city’s ailing public transit system. A panel of experts will set the surcharges by the end of 2020, but sources told CBS2 drivers in cars will pay around $11.50 and truck drivers around $25."

Possible added price breaks for people like Alvarez still need to be worked out, including:
* A day pass for people who live in the congestion zone
* A hardship exemption for those earning $60,000 or less
* A disability exemption for those with handicapped license plates
* An exemption for emergency vehicles and city-owned agency cars
Traffic expert Sam Schwartz told CBS2 he thinks the system will make difference.
“The bottom line is the city is a competitive city. It is a world city. We can’t have a world city if our transit system is running 65 percent on time and our traffic is moving at 4.7 mph. This will get us back in the ball game to be a world-class city.”
It’s important to note that drivers will not be charged the toll more than once per day and the FDR and West Side highways will not be included."

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