Sunday, May 12, 2019

Google's leftist tyranny

Google's left-leaning media bias revealed: How CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post were promoted over their right-wing counterparts by the search engine which has more power than ever over what readers see

  • Stories from only 20 media outlets were featured in Google's Top Stories box in November 2017 
  • 62 percent of those outlets were considered to be left-leaning media sources 
  • CNN accounted for 10 percent of the news promoted, The New York Times made up 6.5 percent and The Washington Post accounted for 5.6 percent
  • By contrast, Fox stories made up only three percent of the 6,302 articles
  • Google uses an algorithm to decide what goes in its Top Stories box 
  • It is based largely on the popularity of a topic or of a viewpoint
  • The search engine has denied that it deliberately promotes left-leaning sites
  • It now has unprecedented power over what is promoted and how much traffic it sends to sites given Facebook's recent scale back on news  

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