Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Antifa is the left's version of Iranian religious enforcers


I wrote here about an attack by Antifa criminals on journalist Andy Ngo in Portland on Saturday. Ngo was hospitalized and had several thousand dollars worth of camera equipment destroyed. It turns out that at about the same time, in a different area of the Antifa rampage, Brownshirt thugs attacked and seriously injured two other men.
Rather than re-tell the story, I will simply embed Michelle Malkin’s tweets, which include photographs of the victims:

New thread: Sharing information from my phone interviews tonight with 2 other victims of Antifa assaults: Oregonians Adam Kelly and John Blum, seen in this video posted by @Lucet_Veritas https://twitter.com/Lucet_Veritas/status/1145348576710709249  /a
Adam & John were at same Portland protest where @MrAndyNgo was beaten, but on other side at Pioneer Courthouse Square. They were there to support Haley Adams & speakers. Adam is foreground left - tall red-bearded man. John -older, white-haired man- was center/right being rushed.

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