Friday, July 5, 2019

Why NYC's WiFi network was down for 10 days...

Once again, Team de Blasio follows failure with zero accountability

As is ever the way with Team de Blasio, the city’s top two tech officers left in the wake of an epic screwup — belatedly, and without anyone at City Hall admitting the cause and effect.
Chief information officer Samir Saini left June 14; his deputy, Vijay Gogineni, moved on late last week. Both were plainly at fault in the utterly preventable April collapse of the city’s wireless network, but neither suffered the ignominy of a richly deserved firing.
The Wi-Fi outage lasted 10 days, downing 200 traffic cams, some NYPD license plate readers and half the city’s bus arrival time signs.
The cause: a scheduled and announced update of the US Air Force Global Positioning System. Homeland Security had issued warnings for a year in advance that locals needed to prepare for the GPS; media outlets including The Post ran notices.
But somehow Saini and Gogineni didn’t have New York City ready for it — though that’s exactly what the city Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications is meant to do.
Now they’ve moved on, as quietly as possible, joining a long line of failed-but-not-fired managers from Children’s Services, the Housing Authority and other agencies.
Mayor Bill de Blasio has (as usual) absolved himself of all blame for the April mess, and denied that the resignations of his top two tech chiefs have anything to do with it. Why break his perfect record of zero accountability for flagrant mismanagement?

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