Sunday, February 2, 2020

Bernie wants to make our electricity as reliable as Puerto Rico or Venezuela...the government does nothing efficiently or honestly.

By Gavin Bade

Is this why Bernie wants hydroelectric? More property to confiscate.

How about the environmentalists who call for the elimination of all dams?
Sen. Bernie Sanders has put nationalizing health insurance at the center of his presidential campaign, but his proposal to fight climate change also calls for a government takeover of a fundamental segment of the economy — electricity production.
Sanders has laid out a $16 trillion climate change plan that would transition U.S. electricity generation away from fossil fuels to renewable resources like wind, solar and hydropower by 2030. That’s far faster than any other Democratic candidate's target and sets a pace that rivals like former Vice President Joe Biden say is unrealistic.
And like Sanders' healthcare plan, the green energy push would muscle many of the country's biggest companies out of the business.
A Sanders administration would pour funding into the four existing "power marketing administrations" that are overseen by the Energy Department, as well as the Tennessee Valley Authority and one newly created entity, to vastly expand their solar, wind and geothermal power production. Those organizations currently provide power from hydroelectric dams to 33 states, and would be able to sell the increased green energy to local utilities nationwide — creating a sort of "public option" that would compete with the coal, natural gas and nuclear plants owned by privately owned power generators.

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