Friday, February 7, 2020

The kind of arrogance that leads to delusion and evil deeds.

Brennan: Trump ‘Relies on the Ignorance of Many People’

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Friday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump holds on to power by relying on “the ignorance of many people as well as corrupt politicians.”
Brennan said, “I have seen this script play out so many times overseas where you have a power-hungry, narcissistic individual who relies on the ignorance of many people as well as corrupt politicians and ideologues in order to solidify his hold on power. That’s what we see with Donald Trump.”
He added, “He’s not interested in doing what is right for the country or the American people. He’s interested most in doing what is going to advance his personal interest. It so unfortunate what we saw in the impeachment hearings that only a person like Mitt Romney actually called upon his conscience and did the right thing.”
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