Friday, March 20, 2020

Central planning makes room for incompetents.

Kowtow to Commies: Friedman Says We NEED China to Get Through Virus Crisis

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Apparently, American manufacturing workers and scientists weren’t good enough to help America through the coronavirus crisis and we could only get through it with the help of those that caused it: China. That’s according to Beijing-loving New York Timescolumnist Tom Friedman during a Thursday night appearance on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time.
Just after noting that there would be an “explosion” in more domestic manufacturing of essential supplies needed in a pandemic once this crisis was over, Friedman immediately defended the communist regime from the current round of denunciations for their role in creating the crisis.
This is not the time for a U.S.-China cold war. I can't think of anything more reckless. China is a source of capital that we are going to need when we want to grow out of this. It’s a source of manufacturing prowess,” he proclaimed.
Disregarding their lack of basic human rights and quality control standards, Friedman boast of how we’ll need China to bounce back. “These people can put up a hospital in a week. We may-- as their crisis winds down we may need to draw on that, their manufacturing prowess. At the same time, a source of science,” he said as if American manufacturers and scientists were somehow inferior.
Even though China had spent more time and resources to trying to cover-up the virus than fight it in the beginning and lies about their infection and death numbers, Friedman put the communists and President Trump on the same level and said he should feel guilty about a slow response. He also suggested both were trying to “deflect their guilt” to the other.

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