Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Constitution

Leftist Naomi Wolf comes out swinging...in favor of the Constitution

Naomi Wolf became well known over the years as a third-wave feminist, a member of the Clinton camp, an adviser to Al Gore during his 2000 presidential campaign, and a reliable leftist on most issues.  On Monday, though, she surprised the heck out of Tucker Carlson and, probably, most of his audience, when she turned out to be a fierce defender of individual liberty.  A mesmerized Tucker listened as Wolf fluently expounded on principles of liberty and tagged the Biden government as creating "a totalitarian state before our eyes."

For most people, their first exposure to Naomi Wolf came in 1991 with her groundbreaking third-wave feminist tract The Beauty Myth.  In it, she argued that society's beauty standards exist to keep women constantly chasing chimerical perfection and, through constant and inevitable failure, never achieving their full potential.

With degrees comparable to Bill Clinton's (Yale and a Rhodes Scholarship), in the 1990s, Wolf became part of the Clinton crowd.  Famously, she advised Al Gore during his ill fated presidential campaign, telling him to wear earth-toned clothes to present himself as reassuring and fatherly.

After Gore lost, Naomi became a bit of an intellectual gadfly, coming out with eccentric opinions, some of which make no sense and some of which are honest, although not always sensible.  Over the years, she admitted that abortion is a form of homicide but still believes it's acceptable, argued that pornography deadens men's libidos, claimed that burqas can be empowering, celebrated the vagina, worried about chemtrails, defended Julian Assange against rape charges, supported Occupy Wall Street, suggested that Edward Snowden was a Deep State plant, and questioned Islamic state executions.  In 2019, she faced ridicule for major errors in a book about executions for homosexuality.  Wolf is a woman of many contradictions.

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