Wednesday, March 3, 2021

When you have to rely on government for food. BTW what are Guard troops still doing in D.C.?

Raw chicken, moldy bread and METAL SHAVINGS: The disgusting meals which have hospitalized Michigan National Guard troops in DC causing state lawmakers to demand a new food vendor be brought in

  • More than a dozen soldiers on deployment have become ill - with some serious enough to be hospitalized - after reportedly being given undercooked and contaminated food 
  • Soldiers have blown the whistle on the sub-par food by sharing photos of pink chicken, uncooked beef and moldy food online 
  • One staff sergeant revealed dozens of meals had to be thrown out when metal shavings were found inside
  • A group of lawmakers are demanding a new food vendor be brought in or troops be given a daily allowance
  • Almost 5,000 troops continue to guard the Capitol amid fears of a fresh siege as sources say there is intel of a militia plot to breach the Capitol on March 4
  • Some troops have been in DC for two months since the MAGA mob riot on January 6 
  • In January thousands of Guardsmen were forced to sleep on the floor of a packed parking garage  

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