Saturday, July 3, 2021

Don't look like white supremacists to me

Nine people are taken into custody after heavily-armed Moorish-Americans fled during traffic stop and then went on YouTube to insist they are peaceful - as Mass. police sweep their vehicles and the woods

  • Nine 'armed and dangerous' men wearing tactical-style clothing fled into woodland outside of Boston early Saturday morning 
  • Residents of nearby Wakefield and Reading were urged to lock their doors and stay inside  
  • Police confirmed members of the group posted videos to a YouTube account named 'Rise of the Moors' 
  • The group were seen in one clip waving a Moroccan flag, but insisted that they are not anti-US government 
  • All of the men were apprehended late Saturday morning and were taken into custody 
  • Police are now sweeping vehicles and surrounding areas 

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