Monday, August 9, 2021

22 year-old visiting Seattle brutally beaten by stranger, video shows

 link above to see video for a view of the incident  

A 22-year-old freelance photographer was brutally attacked and beaten by a stranger while on vacation in Seattle.

The victim, who goes by Caliber Visuals on social media, is still spitting up blood and getting severe headaches days later, he said.

The attack was caught on graphic surveillance video, and shows Caliber approached by a man in an orange shirt and black pants. The two seem to shake hands, but the suspect doesn’t let go and throws Caliber to the ground.

The suspect repeatedly kicks and stomps on Caliber’s head before knocking him unconscious. The suspect goes through Caliber’s pockets, taking his money and personal belongings before walking away, leaving Caliber immobile on the sidewalk.

A bystander who witnessed the attack called 911, police said in a statement. Caliber was transported to Harborview Medical Center, where he received treatment for head trauma and facial injuries.

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The victim, who goes by Caliber Visuals online, was attacked and robbed while on vacation in Seattle, Washington.GoFundMe

Caliber — who is just about to turn 23 next month — has started a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical expenses and his stolen belongings, which include his iPhone 12, at least $900 in cash and a friend’s car keys that cost $700 to replace, as well as his wallet with his personal ID and debit cards, he said.

While recovering in the hospital, where he said he’s received multiple MRI tests, he said he’s still “spitting up blood” and getting “severe headaches” as a result of the attack. 

He said he had visited Seattle that weekend to take a “mental break” to visit a friend after suffering injuries in a car accident months earlier.

He said that as he recovers, he is just looking toward celebrating his upcoming birthday.

“I turn 23 at the end of this month and wasn’t expecting any of this to come about, I’ve had some great support from close friends and family which im highly thankful for but at this point I really just want to look forward to enjoying my birthday.”

No arrests have been made in the incident.

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