Friday, August 6, 2021

That which is seen and that which is unseen--vaccines

Democrats Are Bringing Back Segregation

Jim Crow 3.0

New York City Commissar Bill de Blasio has thrown down the COVID gauntlet. He recently mandated that the unvaccinated will not be allowed to eat indoors, go to a gym, or enjoy a live performance. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, that means mostly black folks and Latinos will have to stay at home.

Pinsky calls this the modern segregation.

The CDC reported today that only 28.4% of the black community have received the Covid vaccine. With states like CA and NY mandating vaccine passports to enter restaurants and businesses, the black community would be most affected by this modern day segregation

Pinksy didn’t supply a link to back up his claim that only 28.4% of black people have been vaccinated.

The people who responded to this tweet ranged from virtue-signaling white people to black people who remain indignant about “modern day segregation.”


FACT-O-RAMA! Lefty news tried to suggest that Trump supporters are leading the charge against the vaccine, but it turns out black folks are the least likely to bend their knees and raise their sleeves. They also tend to vote Democrat. Latinos are reticent, too.


Many lefties, perhaps even de Blasio, don’t seem to understand why many black people aren’t keen to get the shot. Weird what happens when the country injects syphilis into 400 black guys to “see what happens.”BY KEVIN DOWNEY JR. AUG 05, 2021 5:32 PM ET


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