Friday, September 10, 2021

Hate crimes double standard

'If I were a Democrat they'd be calling it a hate crime': Larry Elder slams the left for failing to call 'angry, ugly' attack by a woman in a gorilla mask racist because he's a Republican

  • California governor hopeful Larry Elder has slammed Democrats for not calling attack on him a hate crime 
  • A woman wearing a gorilla mask hurled an egg at the GOP candidate a campaign event Wednesday 
  • 'If I were a Democrat, obviously, this would be called systemic racism, they'd be calling it a hate crime. I don't like to play that game,' he said 
  • Elder claimed he was 'physically assaulted (and) shot with a pellet gun' as he toured a Venice homeless encampment 
  • Earlier on Thursday, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva questioned why no-one was calling the attack a hate crime and blamed it on 'woke privilege' 
  • Villanueva called out 'woke' politicians for not showing the same outrage that he said they would if Elder was a liberal 
  • The incident, video of which was posted to Twitter, shows Elder as he arrives in his new 'Recall Express' campaign bus 
  • Elder made it only 12 minutes at the encampment on 3rd Avenue before at least one person hurled an egg at him, causing him to get in an SUV and  leave
  • Elder is the leading GOP candidate in the gubernatorial recall race and is vying to become California's first Black governor

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