Monday, September 6, 2021

When your life depends on the bureaucrats....

'If one life is lost, the blood is on White House hands': Fury at State Department for 'delaying six flights out of Afghanistan carrying more than 100 US citizens'

  • Up to 1,000 people hoping to flee Afghanistan on six chartered flights have been barred from doing so, it was reported Sunday
  • They traveled to Mazir-i-Sharif, 260 miles north of Kabul, with satellite images showing six airliners sat on its runway
  • There is confusion over what exactly is causing the hold up, with a Republican Representative claiming the passengers were being held hostage by the Taliban
  • But others said the US State Department was to blame, for refusing to confirm that it had cleared the flights for take-off, or banning them from landing  
  • Discussions are also said to be ongoing between the US, Taliban chiefs and Qatari officials, who are set to let the planes land in their country  

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