Tuesday, November 9, 2021

No doubt the regime hates you

White House ADMITS it is 'studying' closing Michigan's Line 5 oil pipeline after first saying reports were 'inaccurate': Republicans demand line be kept open to stop soaring gas prices causing a crisis this winter

  • Biden is considering shutting down the Line 5 oil pipeline that links Superior, Wisconsin with Sarnia, Ontario, Jean-Pierre confirmed 
  • 'The army corps of engineers is preparing an environmental impact to look through this,' she said 
  • A group of Republican lawmakers issued a letter to Biden on Thursday urging him to keep the line in operation
  • They argued termination would exacerbate fuel shortages and increase prices
  • The lawmakers cited concerns over energy prices as midwesterners enter into the winter season
  • Energy Sec Jennifer Granholm alleged that fuel prices are going to skyrocket this winter anyway
  • Meanwhile, Michigan's 12 federally recognized tribes also called on Biden last week asking him to move forward with the shutdown

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