Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Will the putrid AG Garland investigate this clear threat at a school board meeting?

Ex-member of black militia group The Brotherhood is kicked out of Texas school board meeting after threatening anti-CRT parents by saying he's got '1,000 soldiers ready to go, locked and loaded'

  • Controversy over CRT boiled over in Fort Worth, Texas at November 9 meeting 
  • Malikk Austin, 51, spoke at Fort Worth Independent School District meeting 
  • Austin, a black man, said CRT is 'something I fight for, for my children' 
  • 'We are not our ancestors. I got over a thousand soldiers ready to go,' he said 
  • Austin then repeated the phrase 'locked and loaded' as he was led away by cops 
  • Parents who opposed CRT told Fox News they felt 'threatened' by Austin 
  • In messages to DailyMail.com, Austin denied he was making threats to violence 
  • He said he wanted to convey a message of 'be ready to challenge opposition' 
  • According to his Facebook page, Austin is part of The Brotherhood Movement 
  • A spokesperson for the organization told DailyMail.com he left the group 
  • Images show Austin in tactical gear posing with other armed members of group 
  • Spokesperson for the organization said the group was non-violent 
  • Austin also has criminal record, including three-year prison stint for sex assault 

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