Friday, February 25, 2022

Protests in Moscow

Protesters taking to streets of Russia are warned they face TREASON charges: More than 1,700 are arrested as peace demonstrations erupt across the country sparking Putin crackdown

  • Pictures showed Russian police clamping down on anti war protesters in the capital and Saint Petersburg
  • Some of the protesters were shown being carried away by multiple police officers. Some were armoured
  • Russian officers detained over 1,702 people during anti war protests in 53 cities across the country 
  • While Russians have been warned 'negative comments' about the invasion would be treated as 'treason'
  • Elsewhere, protests have taken place on streets across Europe and further afield against the invasion
  • People gathered outside embassies in London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo and Riga - to name a few
  • It came after Russian troops moved into Ukraine on Thursday after Vladimir Putin declared war
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called on Ukrainians and Russians alike to protest 

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