Sunday, March 20, 2022

Progressive transgender policies are destructive.

A California mother is speaking out against the government of Los Angeles County, which she claims encouraged her daughter to identify as a male, sign up for transgender treatments, and be put in foster care instead of her mom's house. The grieving mother asserts that her daughter's L.A. County school didn't properly treat her depression, which ultimately may have contributed her to committing suicide. 

Abigail Martinez immigrated to the U.S. from El Salvador at age 18. Martinez, now 53, had four children, including Yaeli Martinez. Of her three daughters, Yaeli was "the girlie girl in the house," who loved dressing up as a princess and talking about the boys she liked at pre-school, Martinez said. 

However, Yaeli was bullied in middle school over her looks. By the eighth grade, she began showing signs of depression, according to her mother. Around the age of 15 or 16, Yaeli started questioning her sexuality. 

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