Sunday, April 17, 2022

Just what you would expect equity, diversity and inclusion 'experts' The most illiberal folks around!

Woke Arizona education leaders are blasted after they mistook African-American DJ at school fundraiser for white man in BLACKFACE and wrote scathing complaints

  • DJ Kim Koko Hunter was hired to play at a PTA fundraiser for Hopi Elementary
  • After the April 9 event, leaders within the Scottsdale school district complained
  • They accused Hunter, a black man, of being in blackface during the event
  • Jill Lassen and Stuart Rhoden sent emails to the school's principal and PTA head
  • The two are part of 'diversity and inclusion' efforts at the school district 
  • They apologized when they were set straight about the DJ's race, with the irony of their rash judgement being mocked on social media   

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