Sunday, July 24, 2022

Child labor in America? The open border crowd must be so proud


The Hyundai supplier SMART Alabama LLC is facing scrutiny and backlash following a report from Reuters that several children, perhaps as young as 12, had been employed at the plant as recently as earlier this year.

Many first became suspicious of the hiring practices at SMART back in February when a young migrant girl from Guatemala, not yet 14 years old, went missing from her home in Enterprise, Alabama. During investigations into her disappearance, police discovered that she and her brothers, ages 12 and 15, had been working at the plant rather than attending school. Their father Pedro Tzi also confirmed to Reuters that his kids once worked at SMART.

After this information became public, Reuters contacted other SMART employees and members of the community to corroborate the stories regarding the Tzi children and to find out whether SMART had employed 

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