Thursday, September 1, 2022

California to set wages for fast food workers and then you can bet it will spread.

McDonald's US boss slams California's 'ill-considered' plan to make big fast-food chains pay workers up to $22 an hour - as Gov. Newsom considers whether to sign the controversial bill

  • McDonald's USA president Joe Erlinger penned an open letter on Wednesday
  • He slammed the California bill that could raise wages for fast food workers
  • Plan could raise wages up to $22 an hour, above the state minimum of $15.50
  • But it would only apply to chains with more than 100 restaurants nationally
  • Erlinger slammed the bill as 'lopsided, hypocritical and ill-considered' 
  • Bill passed the state legislature and now needs Governor Newsom's signature 
  • Labor and union advocates praised the bill as a watershed moment for workers 

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