Friday, September 9, 2022

Love the cutesy phrase "interacted with minors".

A nonprofit dedicated to serving victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in the Syracuse, New York, area is facing severe public criticism after it knowingly hired a convicted sex offender, who may then have interacted with minors.

Vera House, a nonprofit organization that works "to end domestic and sexual violence and other forms of abuse" and has served the Syracuse area for 40 years, has recently admitted that it knowingly hired Marcus Jackson, who in 2000 was convicted of having a sexual relationship with two teen boys in Florida. 

Jackson worked at Vera House as a victim advocate from October 2020 until August 1, when Jackson and Vera House agreed to part ways after more information regarding his past became publicly known. Not only was Jackson convicted in 2000, but he was also convicted again in 2016 for failing to register as a sex offender. also reports that Johnson served time in a New York state prison for perjury, though when he committed the offense and when he served time are both unknown.

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