Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The path to legalizing hard drugs...

Cortney WeilNEWS

Cortney Weil

The National Institutes of Health, a public health bureaucracy that still employs Dr. Anthony Fauci, has recently announced that it has approved a grant to outfit areas of rural Appalachia in Kentucky with "harm reduction" kiosks that will provide drug users with easy access to drug paraphernalia without the "stigma" of speaking to a human being.

In its announcement for the program, the NIH applauded the efforts of Kentucky leaders to open "syringe service programs" in various counties throughout the state. However, it claims that "nearly half" of all people who inject themselves with street drugs have not used these SSP resources. What's more, the NIH claims, the most common reason these drug users give for not using SSPs is the "fear of stigma."

To eliminate that fear while still providing the accoutrements for drug use, the NIH will install kiosks containing "injection equipment, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms, and other supplies." Naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcan, is a drug used to offset the effects of opioid overdose. 

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