Thursday, March 21, 2024

Leftist violence is everywhere --- BLM is the Democrats militia

Kyle Rittenhouse chased off stage, heckled by BLM protesters while speaking at University of Memphis

Kyle Rittenhouse abruptly fled the stage during an appearance at the University of Memphis on Wednesday night after being heckled by a rowdy crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters.

The Kenosha shooter, 21, hightailed it off the podium after the protesters started booing loudly roughly 30 minutes into his scheduled appearance, footage shows.

Prior to Rittenhouse’s talk, hundreds of people rallied outside the university brandishing signs that read, “Put Rittenhouse behind bars not a podium” and “No killers on my campus.”

Kyle Rittenhouse was driven off stage by Black Lives Matter supporters as he tried to give a speech at a university. X
University of Memphis students chant as they gather on campus to protest the appearance of Kyle Rittenhouse. 

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