Friday, April 26, 2024

Social justice non profits are piggy banks

According to KOIN-TV, an Oregon man named Devon Horace has been arrested and charged with stealing from a nonprofit named Alberta Main Street that he used to lead. 

According to the organization's website, the organization was founded to promote Portland's Alberta Street district as an "equitable" commercial district. The organization claims, "To improve our success and fulfill our mission, we strive to understand and address the historical legacies of systemic racism and inequality. ... Alberta Main Street is committed to being both a leader and a catalyst in promoting equity and inclusion within the community."

Police say that the 31-year-old Horace pled not guilty on Wednesday to multiple counts of theft and falsifying business records in what they claim was a scheme that defrauded the organization of at least $100,000. Horace reportedly previously worked for both Nike and the Portland Trail Blazers and had prevailed upon those companies to donate to his new charity. However, instead of depositing the money, police say that Horace hid the donations from the nonprofit and diverted the money to himself, later falsifying records that he showed to the organization's treasurer. 

The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office claims that Horace also withdrew thousands of dollars from the charity's bank accounts "for no legitimate business purpose." 

Prosecutors also alleged that the full extent of Horace's malfeasance may not have yet been uncovered. "Given the sophistication and breadth of the scams, combined with how quickly the defendant spent the proceeds in this case, the State is concerned that he could be further victimizing other community members and committing fraud," according to the DA's office.

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