Friday, May 17, 2024

Palestinian protestor kills Jew

Elderly Jewish Man Sustained Injuries from Pro-Hamas Protester’s Bullhorn Strike before He Died, Medical Examiner Finds

A medical examiner has concluded that the injuries Paul Kessler sustained during an altercation with a pro-Hamas protester last year are consistent with a bullhorn strike, despite the alleged assailant claiming he did not cause the 69-year-old pro-Israel protester’s fall and subsequent death.Paul Kessler was holding an Israeli flag at a California gas station in November when Moorpark College professor Loay Alnaji allegedly hit him in the head with a megaphone. Kessler fell to the ground and suffered a skull fracture. He was brought to the hospital, where he died from blunt-force injuries seven hours after the attack. 

Alnaji was arrested one week after the November 5 incident and charged with involuntary manslaughter. However, Alnaji and his defenders maintained that Alnaji and other pro-Hamas protesters were demonstrating peacefully and that Kessler was the aggressor in the incident, in which he merely slipped and fell to the ground, hitting his head.

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