Sunday, May 19, 2024

The war at home...gangs, drug cartels and criminals

Harrowing video shows gang members with automatic weapons open fire on rivals in Florida neighborhood

Harrowing video captured the moment gang members with automatic weapons opened fire in a south Florida neighborhood in what police say was a targeted attack that left locals ducking for cover in the middle of the night. 

Footage from a neighbor’s security camera shows a group with weapons standing on a residential street in Miami Garden just after midnight Wednesday beginning to shoot as a silver Nissan approaches. 

At least three hooded figures can be seen crouching on the ground waiting to ambush the approaching car — then rapidly firing at the vehicle as it drives past. 

Three figures can be seen in security camera footage waiting for the car to pass. WSVN

Neighbors said they heard at least 50 rounds from high-powered weapons. The brazen shooting eventually forced the driver off the road, plowing down a fence in a neighbor’s front yard, according to NBC 6.

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