Saturday, March 28, 2009

A frightened media...

For those who have been following the murder of 4 Oakland city police officers and the anti police protesters honoring the murderer instead have you noticed the lack of press interest in who these protesters are and where they get the money for their Uhuru organisation?

Think of the body cavity searches the press would have performed if this were a group of non liberal activists. How many of these protesters have a criminal record or have relatives currently incarcerated? Mr. Mixon's sister is currently in prison on drug charges. I caught a brief glimpse of the protesters marching on the local news (because they only showed about 5-6 seconds of their march) and some of them clearly looked like gang members. Well, there's a group that doesn't care for the police for obvious reasons. When enforcing civil and criminal laws is equated with genocide, it becomes pretty clear what they really want -- unhindered access to the thug lifestyle.
I still want to see the press tell us exactly who these protesters are. But, it won't happen because the press have been intimidated by these people, in the same way the Islamofascists do, by violence. A couple of years ago a black reporter for an Oakland newspaper was shot to death because he was investigating the "Your Black Muslim Bakery" group.

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