Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Detainees Abused with Chainsaws and Cattle Prods

William Jacobson exposes the abuses of detainees:

Widespread abuse has been alleged, including one incident when they threatened a detainee "with a chainsaw as his autistic daughter looked on," another where they used cattle prods on detainees' genitals, another where they put a gun against a detainee's head, another where they slammed a handcuffed detainee's face into the ground.

A system fostering a pervasive atmosphere of abuse "without fear of punishment." Over 10,000 complaints of abuse in just two years, but only 19 disciplinary actions. And the abuse was covered up at the highest level.

Not at Gitmo. Not at black sites. Not at Abu Ghraib or Bagram.

In Chicago. "Allegedly."

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