Saturday, August 22, 2009

No teleprompter, no sense

Obama’s 'wee' way with words becomes topic for national debate

The first commenter on this article was spot on:

"Prudence Eely Bond McGuire wrote:
Robert Gibbs is a caricature straight from the pages of the book 'Animal Farm'.He is the epitome of 'Squealer' the Pig in 'Animal Farm' the seductive mouthpiece for 'Napoleon' the self appointed Leader of the Farm after the overthrow of the Farmer. However, sadly for Gibbs, he is not as bright as the fictional character, albeit, his suits are flashy enough, but unfortunately, almost always clash with the background settings or metamorphosis into it entirely."

And, perhaps this commenter had a salient point:
"Being "all wee wee'd up" has nothing to do with bed wetting. It is ghetto lingo for being stoned out of one's mind by pot. The term originated in Nigeria, where one of the words for cannabis is "wee", but has become ghetto language here."

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