Friday, February 26, 2010

Paul Ryan for President

Paul Ryan does a great job ripping apart Obamacare, and pissing off Obama in the process:


Steve Burri said...

It's kind of funny... Paul Ryan grew up in the same small town and attended the same high school as... Russ Feingold.

Ryan still lives here. Feingold has moved closer to liberal Madison.

Steve Burri said...

BTW, I lost you guys for quite some time. My blogroll link lead me to some Blue Host crud instead.

I haven't gone back in Commonsense far enough to see if you blogged about it, but what happened?

jerry said...

We changed host sites. The old host became unreliable.

Good to have you back.

Speaking of coincidences, I knew Russ Feingold's father through business. Russ is just another case of the son of a well-to-do businessman turning left.

Max Jacobs said...

By the way Steve, I like your description "A former hippie drug-using socialist, the Lord saved me in 1982."