Sunday, July 25, 2010

The compassionate left on display

That Wacky Left: Mike Malloy Says 'Murdoch Is a Nazi,' Every Employee 'a Potential Murderer'

While the "gatekeepers" of the "mainstream media" worry about the recklessness of conservative bloggers in the wake of the Shirley Sherrod speech, one easy rebuttal is the recklessness of liberal talk radio. Wild-eyed Mike Malloy was at it again Wednesday, suggesting Fox owner Rupert Murdoch is a "Nazi," and every Murdoch employee is a "potential murderer." They should be beaten violently:

Murdoch is a Nazi; Murdoch is a Nazi! And everyone that works for him is a potential murderer! Do you not -- do you not get that? Why does anybody in this administration pay any attention whatsoever to anything these people say? They shouldn't be listened to; they should be dragged into the street and pummeled! And I'd be very happy to be the first person to do it.

Malloy also trumped the Ed Schultz Netroots line [0] that it's too bad Glenn Beck thinks he's going blind so he won't see the country he's destroying. Malloy hoped Beck goes blind, and Limbaugh goes deaf, and Dick Cheney dies. There is a "huge" number of racist white people in America:

There is a cadre -- and it is huge -- of white people in this country who want to destroy anything that is not white. Currently it is being led by Glenn Beck, who is a killer at heart; we can only hope that he goes blind before he can cause even more damage!

Of course, we can only hope that Limbaugh would go deaf before he could cause damage; and look, we could only hope Dick Cheney would DIE before uh he could cause any more damage - but look! The potential for more chaos caused by Fox News and all of the, uh, scum working and pieces of waste like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle and Breitbart is enormous!

Any doubt now that the left's goal here is to stoke violence in hope marshal law led by lefties will send all the non believer to re-education camps or better yet death. What other reason could there be for these righteous, peaceful, smarter-then-you people sound so deranged. These are the folks calling you a racist, homophobe, Nazi, return to slavery, idiots. OIsn't this what always happens when the self anointed look back and see their followers heading the other way.

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