Sunday, September 26, 2010

He is a spokesman for the environmental left. Just compare their positions.

More tidings from the Unabomber

Here I thought he was working at the EPA all along. Bwahahaha.

Every invention/discovery has its dangerous side. Fire still kills people and don't get me started with the wheel. The Unabomber and his friends are sick in more ways then they know. Most seem to have never been able to get over childish night fears. They seek some person, policy or thing that will protect them from the vagaries of human existence. It's some sort of desire to return to the safety of the womb. Technology has taken us away from short, brutish and starving lives these folks think were so wonderful. Since history proves them wrong their goal is delusional and dishonest; one can only conclude they are mentally sick.

Two points: One, the BP oil leak is no cataclysmic earth shattering disaster. Nor, were the Kuwait oil fires. Second, Reporters like Kim Murphy show how bereft of knowledge journalism has become. Journalists may know how to write but when it comes to science, economics, etc., they are under prepared.

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